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Steps into Wilderness Timeline

Steps into Wilderness Timeline


You want to participate in the Steps into Wilderness program? Here's what's next!


Photo by Chris Wall

  • Contact WTA eight weeks prior to your ideal workshop and hike dates with your group size estimate and program needs.
  • Download, sign, and return WTA's Steps into Wilderness Contract 
  • WTA will meet with your organization's teen leaders and/or send out program details as soon as the date is confirmed.
  • WTA prefers confirmation of the total number of participants two weeks prior to the workshops and hikes. The earlier we know your group’s interest, the better we can accommodate your request with our schedule.
  • WTA facilitates the hike(s) or the workshop(s) requested by your organization to your youth or adult leaders.
  • WTA shifts to a support role and collaborates with teen leaders to build their outdoor competency and help plan future hikes.
  • Within one year of participating, sign up for a Day of Service with our youth volunteer trail maintenance program!
  • More clinics and hikes for youth and adult leaders follow if desired!


What we need you to do:

Your organization is responsible for organizing and getting commitments from youth participants and adult leaders who are interested in workshops. If you run into obstacles in the process, contact WTA for assistance. Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed Parental Release Form to participate in a hike.


If you have other questions, call 206.625.1367, or email!