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Steps into Wilderness Clinic Options

Steps into Wilderness Program Offerings


The following clinics are offered through the Steps into Wilderness Program: 


Day Hiking

  • Intro to Hiking (joys of hiking, how to pick a hike, hiking ethics)
  • How to Plan & Prepare (organize a hike, gear needs, and logistics)
  • Natural History (activities and trail cultural & ecological history)
  • Leave-No-Trace (reducing impacts when hiking)
Day Hike

Advanced Day Hiking

  • Navigation (learn to navigate and use maps & compass)
  • Leadership (how to lead on the trail)
  • Physical Hiking Skills (how to hike, prep exercises, and carry a pack)
  • Risk Management & Safety (reducing risk and hiking safely)
Map and Compass

Trail Leadership

  • Making Outdoor Adventure Fun (themes, activities, & adventure)
  • Group Management (effective ways to lead a hiking group)
  • Logistics (transportation, how to plan and prepare, gear needs)
  • Risk Management & Safety (how to minimize risk and hike safely)
  • Leave No Trace (how to reduce your impact when hiking)
Photo by Mytho Man

Trail Maintenance - Day of Service

  • Intro to Trail Maintenance (what is trail maintenance)
  • Trail Maintenance Safety (how to be safe and reduce risk)
  • Trail Work 101 (basic trail work techniques, methods, and fashion)
  • Tools for Trail Maintenance (types and proper use)
  • Leadership and Teamwork (responsibility and working together)
Youth Trailwork



Photos in order by Mike Matson, Lauren Braden, Mytho Man, and Krista Dooley