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The Trail System Of Tomorrow

Washington has vast and inspiring landscapes with opportunities to create more trails and increase connections between existing trails for added adventures. WTA's Trails Rebooted campaign is a big picture approach to recreation that will allow WTA to focus on improving existing trails while supporting the construction of new ones. In addition, it helps hikers see how they can make a difference on trail.

Trails Rebooted will also guide hikers to inspiring experiences on new and different trails. When we kicked this campaign off, we identified several pilot areas that we think will meet the needs of hikers in the future. Upgrading these trail systems now, with sustainability and growing demand in mind, will guarantee great experiences on trail for generations to come. 

Mountain Loop Highway

Hikers on the Lake 22 trail on the Mountain Loop Highway. Photo by Christina Neigh.The trails around the Mountain Loop Highway offer everything from riverside rambles to heart-pounding ascents and stunning views. Their proximity to a growing population means we need to focus now on preparing for future demand.

We're working with land agencies, residents and other stakeholders to make investments now so we can maintain the spirit of this rugged corner of Washington.

Teanaway Area

Hiker on Earl Peak in the Teanaway. Photo by Tequina Kane.The Teanaway has miles of rugged trails and unique geology already loved by hikers, but the 2013 addition of the Teanaway Community Forest (TCF) gave WTA the chance to help shape the trail network and the recreation economy here. See what work we've done so far in this corner of Washington.

Snoquera (410)

View of the valley below the Palisades trail in Snoquera. Photo by Wyatt Schill.Just outside of Mount Rainier National Park, Snoquera boasts several wonderful hikes that are already popular.

Recent fires and an ongoing landscape analysis by the Forest Service highlight a ripe opportunity to think decades into the future about what recreation could look like for this region. Stay up to date with further developments here.

Spokane Area

Liberty Lake at Sunset. Photo by Larissa Weeks.Spokane has a multitude of recreation opportunities, from Liberty Lake (above), to the Centennial Trail that runs through the center of town.

We believe connecting and adding to trail systems here will improve the recreation opportunities here, in Washington's second-largest city.

So far we've added a gorgeous route on Mica Peak and built a new access point on Antoine Peak - stay tuned to our further progress!

Silver Star Area

cheryl hill_silver star mountain.jpgThe Silver Star Recreation area just outside of Battleground and Vancouver has miles of hiking options and a network of trails stuffed with  wildflowers and gorgeous 5-volcano views. 

But the Silver Star area suffers from terrible roads, preventing hikers from accessing these gorgeous views. See what we're doing to improve access to this amazing part of Washington.