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Spokane Updates

Progress on WTA's Trails Rebooted work in the Spokane Area.

The recreation community in Spokane has demonstrated a passion for trails that is unparalleled. The area has a shorter hiking and trail maintenance season thanks to regular snowfall, but that hasn’t stopped WTA’s volunteer community from seeking out creative opportunities to stay engaged. WTA is expanding our opportunities for volunteers to invest in close-to-home trails to meet Spokane’s growing population and demand for great hiking.

Recent Work and Investments IN Spokane

Hiker Headlines: Good News From 2022

Dec 29, 2022

The year is almost over, and we want take a moment to reflect on the good things that happened for trails and public lands in 2022. Public lands got more funding. WTA helped open new trails — and improve many more. And across the state, the hiking community came together to support each other and the places we care about.

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Clearing the Way for Summer Adventures: Where We've Worked so Far

Jun 20, 2022

Spring is an exciting time at WTA. The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming and our intrepid backcountry volunteers make their way out on trail to begin clearing the path for summer.

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How we are Creating a Path to Trails for Everyone, Forever

We envision a future where there are Trails for Everyone, Forever and our new strategic plan outlines how we’re going to achieve this vision. By Allie Tripp

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One Year Later: How the Great American Outdoors Act Is Funding Trail Fixes

Aug 06, 2021

One year on from the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act, funding for stewardship and maintenance of trails has helped WTA to make great strides in our work. With four more years of GAOA funding to go, we're optimistic at what we can achieve, but we know that making trails for everyone, forever will take a lot more work.

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The Power of Loops & Connections

Jul 19, 2021

Creating trail systems that allow for loops makes a better experience for hikers — and it’s easier on the land, too.

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Mica Peak Traverse: Completing A New Trail Near Spokane

Nov 25, 2020

This fall, WTA volunteers and partners celebrated another win for trails in the Spokane-area, this time in the form of a trail connecting two of the region’s largest swaths of public land. The California Creek Trail, completed in mid-October, now officially connects Liberty Lake Regional Park and Mica Peak Conservation Area.

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Excited to be Back to Work on Trails Rebooted

Jul 27, 2020

WTA staff and volunteers have begun a gradual return to the field under new guidelines for COVID-19. Work parties are small affairs these days, and we still have restrictions on experience required to participate (under normal circumstances we love to welcome new volunteers on our trips!). But we're continuing to work with our agency partners to assess additional projects and an expanded schedule.

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Making Connections: How Small Trails Can Make a Big Difference

Small trails can have a big impact in creating a healthy trail system that lets people explore from backyards to the backcountry. By Anna Roth

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Trails: Good for Hikers. Good for Communities. Good for the Economy.

A new scientific study shows that trails give back to the state by boosting the economy and improving people's physical and mental health | By Jessi Loerch

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Northwest Weekend: Spokane

In Spokane, you'll find a vibrant outdoor community and plenty of adventures, from summer to winter | by Todd Dunfield

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Hiker Headlines: Spokane Parks Need Funding, Cape Horn Reopens, Hunting Season Begins

Aug 01, 2019

Spokane County Parks & Rec is seeking input from hikers on how to allocate funding for 2020. Cape Horn Loop in the Columbia River Gorge has reopened. And hunting season in Washington officially starts today.

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Rebooting Washington's Trails on National Trails Day

Jun 05, 2019

WTA's delivering on our goal to support Washington's trails at every turn.

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Trails Rebooted

We're reimagining Washington's trail system — starting with the most beloved hiking spots across the state | by Allie Tripp

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Lopping in a Winter Wonderland: Creative Trail Maintenance in Spokane

Feb 22, 2019

When we think about trail maintenance, a winter wonderland isn’t usually the first setting that comes to mind. But this winter in Spokane, volunteer crew leader Jane Baker proved it can work, and you can have a lot of fun doing it.

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Libraries Check Out Discover Passes in Pierce, Spokane and Skagit Counties

Feb 04, 2019

A new program allows individuals and families to rent Discover passes through a select number of local libraries.

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2019 Accomplishments: How Hikers Changed Trails for the Better this Year

2019 was a year to celebrate for Washington trails. Hikers all across the state have helped WTA fix trails, advocate for funding and ensure access to the trails we all love. Thank you for helping us build a future where there are trails for everyone, forever.

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