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Survey: How Do You Use Outdoor Spaces in the Mountain Loop Area?

Tell us how you recreate on the Mountain Loop Highway.

goat lake_tony bell.JPGAs people continue to find refuge in outdoor spaces, the Mountain Loop area has become a focus point for recreation. We believe it can thrive with investment and the creation of a more sustainable trail system. But to make informed decisions, we need to understand how you spend time here and what parts of this area you consider environmentally, historically, and culturally important.

Whether you live and work here, visit periodically, or have never been, we want to know what areas you value and why, and how you use outdoor spaces such as forests, parks, rivers, lakes, trails, picnic areas, campgrounds and other areas that are open to all.


Note: In this survey, the phrase 'Mountain Loop Area' refers to the forest lands and roads accessed from Highway 530 between Granite Falls and Arlington, and includes all Forest Service and county roads connecting to the highway, as well as trails and recreation areas accessible by these roads.

It should take about 10 minutes to complete, though it may be longer depending on how detailed your answers are. Your responses are anonymous. Washington Trails Association will share the aggregated data with our partners to help inform a creative, innovative approach to shaping the future of this area.

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