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Youth Volunteer Vacations Expectations

What WTA expects from youth participants on a Volunteer Vacation.

WTA strives to facilitate programs that promote positive experiences for youth in the outdoors. The following rules are designed to ensure physical and emotional safety for all youth volunteer vacation participants during their trip. Parents and youth volunteers should review these rules together and have a basic understanding of expectations prior to the start of the trip.

Youth Participants on a Volunteer Vacation. Photo by Austin Easter.

Members of a Youth Crew Enjoy their day off on a Volunteer Vacation. Photo by Austin Easter

General Rules for Youth Volunteer Vacations

  • When volunteers sign up for a youth volunteer vacation, they make a commitment to spend the entire week with the crew.
  • Everyone on the crew is expected to act in a cooperative and respectful manner toward each other. Conduct that is disruptive will not be tolerated, and anyone engaging in such conduct will be directed to leave by the crew leader.
  • Crew leaders and volunteers must wear boots, gloves, hard hats, shirts with sleeves (long sleeved shirts are optional but encouraged depending on project) and long pants while working.
  • Once signed in, youth volunteers are not allowed to drive motor vehicles. If a youth volunteer has driven him/herself to the meeting spot for the trip, the crew leader will collect the keys on arrival day and return the keys on day of departure.
  • The use of inappropriate language is unacceptable, and must be controlled.
  • Volunteers must notify a crew leader before separating from the group or leaving the camp area.

Non-negotiable behaviors that lead to expulsion from the trip

  • Use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol

  • Possession of firearms or weapons (regardless of whether they are licensed to carry a concealed weapon.)
  • Persistent disrespectful behavior to other trip participants and/or adults, including inappropriate language
  • Unauthorized departure from trip

If a youth volunteer violates these rules the crew leader will discuss the actions or behavior with the participant and may contact a parent or guardian to make arrangements to pick up the participant early from the trip. 

If you have any questions or concern about these rules and expectations please contact rza Allen, youth trail program manager, at