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Get the latest news, how-to advice, and feature articles about the trail community, the current hiking season and issues impacting trails you love.
Get local news, how-to advice, and feature articles about our trail community, the current hiking season in Washington and issues impacting trails you love.

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How to Photograph Wildlife in Winter

Shorter days and colder weather doesn't mean you need to put the camera away for the winter season.

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Ethical Wildlife Photography: What You Need to Know

Jan 08, 2019

Wildlife photography is highly rewarding, but it's vital to respect the wildlife you're photographing. Photographer Heather Clark shares her tips.

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2018 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Jan 04, 2019

Check out the winning images from our 2018 photo contest.

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Book Review: Slow Down, Make Time to Create Art on Trail

Jan 02, 2019

Artist Molly Hashimoto, author of "Colors of the West," would like to encourage people to slow down on their next adventure. And not just for 30 seconds to snap a quick photo.

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A Year in Trip Reports

Dec 28, 2018

WTA's trip reporter community shares stories and photos all year — reminding us that every season is hiking season.

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Major Gains for Lost Trails Around the State

Dec 26, 2018

This year, more than 500 volunteers devoted nearly 15,000 hours of work to saving lost trails across the state. Follow along for a look back at everything we've been up to in our Lost Trails Found campaign.

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5 WTA-Worthy Resolutions for 2019

Dec 26, 2018

If you love trails, these 5 resolutions will you get you outdoors, help your fellow hikers and give you a feeling of accomplishment from making a difference all across the state.

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In 2019, We Resolve to...

Dec 26, 2018

Do you have ambitions for the year to come? Gain some inspiration from the hiking community and create your own resolution for 2019.

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State Park Camping Reservations Will Soon Be Easier

Dec 21, 2018

The system will be down for a week, but once it's back up, it will be easier to use and make more parks available for reservations.

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This Year's Favorite Gear

Dec 20, 2018

Washington Trail's staff spend a lot of time outdoors — and we try out a lot of new gear. Here are our favorites from the year that we love enough to recommend to you.

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