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Get the latest news, how-to advice, and feature articles about the trail community, the current hiking season and issues impacting trails you love.
Get local news, how-to advice, and feature articles about our trail community, the current hiking season in Washington and issues impacting trails you love.

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Protect the Future of Trails with WTA

Aug 01, 2022

Hundreds turned out this weekend for Washington Trails Day to join WTA in protecting the future of trails. You can join too.

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Epic Backpacking, Epic Transit: A WTA Staff Member's Alternative Transportation Tips

Jul 29, 2022

Out-and-back and loop hikes make transportation to and from trailheads relatively simple. But what if you’re planning a long one-way thru-hike? One WTA staff member shares her experience using alternative transportation to get to and from a long hike and some tips she has for others looking to do something similar.

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Hiker Headlines: Hike-a-Thon, Closures, Washington Trails Day

Jul 28, 2022

WTA’s 19th annual Hike-a-Thon starts August 1. The Snow Lake trail will be closed starting July 29 through October, and the roads to the Talapus Lake and Ira Springs trailheads continue to have ongoing closures. Campfire restrictions are in place on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Join us for Washington Trails Day this Saturday, July 30. And, incredibly hot weather is in the forecast this weekend.

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Hike Across Washington Through Motion Pictures

Washington's remote areas, diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks make it a great place for filming and telling any number of stories. With the large variety of different places in the state where motion pictures have been set and filmed, you could easily hike all across Washington just by visiting these spots.

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Why Do We Fix Popular Trails?

Jul 26, 2022

Popular trails can need as much — or more — maintenance than less-well-known routes. Find out why.

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Outdoor Leaders Who Inspire Us: the Service Board

Jul 26, 2022

We recently talked with a few groups we admire, including Shona Kerrick from the Service Board, to learn more about how they are building better futures for their communities.

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Community-Based Solutions: Darrington Local Coordinating Mountain Loop Highway Trailhead Ambassador Program

Jul 25, 2022

Talking community and battling doomscrolling with the coordinator of the Mountain Loop Highway's newest trailhead ambassador program.

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Hiker Headlines: Now Hiring, Campfire Restrictions, Summer Construction

Jul 21, 2022

WTA is hiring! Campfires restrictions are returning to some Washington areas due to wildfire danger. Some facilities will be closed as the Highway 20 repaving project continues. Recreation fee changes have been proposed by Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Rehabilitation efforts are starting up on Stevens Canyon Road. And, check out WTA’s interview with KUOW about what goes into saving a trail.

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What Makes the Vivid Colors in Mountain Lakes?

Jul 20, 2022

If you’ve hiked to many mountain lakes, you’ve likely noticed that many of them are particularly blue — some almost seem otherworldly in their intensity. But what makes those lakes such an eye-popping color?

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Outdoor Leaders Who Inspire Us: Trail Mixed Collective

Jul 19, 2022

We recently talked with a few groups we admire, including Quena Batres and Liselle Pires of Trail Mixed Collective, to learn more about how they are building better futures for their communities.

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Field-Tested Favorites: Mealtime Experiences and Recipes from WTA Outdoor Leadership Training Leaders

Jul 18, 2022

Two leaders from WTA's Outdoor Leadership Training program, Christine Zarker Primomo and Harper McFadden, share their experiences cooking with youth in the outdoors, and their favorite backpacking recipes from their trips.

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Hiker Headlines: Artist Point Road Opening, Trail Closures, Sundaes Outside

Jul 14, 2022

The road to Artist Point is open for the season! Forest Service construction will close the Annette Lake trail through October. King County Parks construction will close some of the Cougar Mountain trail network through July. And join Golden Bricks Events for Sundaes Outside this Sunday, July 17 at Dash Point State Park.

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Plans, Packs & Permits for Summer Backpacking

What to consider before you head out for backpacking adventures this summer. | By Craig Romano

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Outdoor Leaders Who Inspire Us: Sea Potential

Jul 13, 2022

We recently talked with a few local outdoor groups we admire to learn more about how they are building better futures for their communities.

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Find Your Hiking Community Through These Events

Jul 11, 2022

We’re highlighting a few of our favorites for you to check out this summer.

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Hiker Headlines: Road Openings and Closures, Urban Forest Funding, Survey on E-Bikes

Jul 07, 2022

Sunrise Road has reopened for the summer. Mallardy Ridge Road will be closed from July 15 to September 15. Some Conconully State Park campgrounds are closed temporarily due to flood damage. $550,000 of funding was awarded by the Department of Natural Resources for urban and community forests. The state wants to hear your thoughts on e-bikes on trails. And, a retriever featured in WTA's Hiking with Dogs workshop is a semi-finalist in the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Award competition.

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Share Your Thoughts on E-Bikes on Trails

Jul 06, 2022

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources are looking for your feedback on e-bikes on their land.

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A Tool to Help Wheelchair Hikers Find Trails

With the help of hikers who use wheelchairs, WTA has created a new tool to help more hikers find a trail that will work for them. | By Anna Roth

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Snow Lake and Annette Lake Trails to Close for Several Months

Jul 05, 2022

The Annette Lake and Snow Lake trails, popular hikes along the I-90 corridor, will be closed for several months this summer due to trail construction work, funded by the Great American Outdoors Act. The work will require the use of potentially-dangerous tools, so the trails will close in the interest of safety.

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5 Steps to Your Best Summer with Hike-a-Thon

Jul 01, 2022

Whether you’re hoping to discover new trails or hike more miles, you’ll find community in WTA’s 19th annual Hike-a-Thon.

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8 Stretches for After Your Next Hike

Taking 5 to 10 minutes at the trailhead to stretch a little bit will promote blood flow back into your muscles and reduces your heart rate back to normal. This can help you feel a bit more limber after a few hours of sitting in a vehicle post-hike. Plus, stretching before AND after your hike can increase your flexibility and range of motion and can even protect you from injury.

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How One Forest Service Leader is Inspiring a New Generation

Jun 30, 2022

For over two decades, Aleta Eng has been working to connect people to public lands and inspiring the next generation of U.S. Forest Service leaders. As the partnership specialist for the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Aleta has been thoughtful, innovative and creative in building a strong youth and community engagement program.

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Hiker Headlines: Hike-a-Thon, Highway 20 Repaving, Dog Mountain Trailhead to Move, Firework Safety

Jun 30, 2022

Registration opens for WTA’s Hike-a-Thon on July 1. Some roads and parking lots on Highway 20 will be affected by a repaving project this month. Plans to move the Dog Mountain trailhead have kicked off. And, please help prevent wildfires this weekend.

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9 Tips for Being Everyone’s Favorite Hiking Buddy

Jun 27, 2022

The next time you head out with a new hiking companion, whether it’s a brand-new friend or someone you’ve known for decades, we have some tips for how to have a great time — and ensure you’re always on the invite list for future hikes.

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Hiker Headlines: Volunteer Trailhead Ambassador Program, Closures and Openings, State Park Expansion

Jun 23, 2022

Join Glacier Peak Institute in a pilot volunteer trailhead ambassador program at Barlow Pass this summer. Baker Lake and Baker River roads will be closed for repair through July 1. Near Winthrop, trails and campgrounds are open after reconstruction from the Cub Creek fire in 2021. And Beacon Rock State Park is getting expanded after a land acquisition.

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This Summer: Volunteer on the Mountain Loop Highway

Jun 22, 2022

Spread knowledge about Leave No Trace and responsible recreation by volunteering as a trailhead ambassador on the Mountain Loop Highway this summer.

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Summer Survival Guide: Hiking with Babies, Kids and Teens

Jun 21, 2022

Motivating reluctant kids, backpacking with a baby or knowing when your teen is ready to hike without you — here are 5 articles to help you get your kids, from babies to teens, out on trail this summer.

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Clearing the Way for Summer Adventures: Where We've Worked so Far

Jun 20, 2022

Spring is an exciting time at WTA. The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming and our intrepid backcountry volunteers make their way out on trail to begin clearing the path for summer.

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Summer Lake Hikes Near Snoqualmie Pass (That Aren’t Snow Lake)

The Snow Lake trail is certainly no secret to Washington hikers. According to the Forest Service, it’s hiked more than any other trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. If you're looking for alternatives, luckily, there are plenty of nearby trails that offer the same things hikers love about Snow Lake.

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Hiker Headlines: Free Day, Closures, Youth Trail Work Parties

Jun 16, 2022

This Sunday, Juneteenth, is a fee-free day at state managed lands. Ruby Beach is now closed for construction. A restoration project in the Upper South Fork Skokomish and repaving projects along Highway 20 will impact some trailhead access. Your hike can help inform research on pink snow. And, WTA invites you to join us on a youth trail work party this summer.

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