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Workplace Giving (in GIFs): Double Your Impact, Not Your Donation Amount

Posted by Anna Roth at Oct 11, 2019 04:18 PM |

Through workplace giving, employers match your donation with funds or gifts of their own, so you can double your impact without doubling the money you give. Of course, if you want to up your donation level, we won't say no.

It's October, objectively the best season to hike in Washington (fall colors are gorgeous and cooler temps are perfect for refreshing yourself on trail). By now, you've probably already done some hiking this year, and you've probably already used WTA's Hiking Guide and trip reports to plan your outing and see what conditions are like.

Maybe we even kept you from getting ... lost.

This is not your hiking experience, thanks to WTA

And though you may not realize it, once on trail, you've likely benefited from the efforts of WTA hiker advocates and our volunteer trail crews. 

All this work requires time, resources and commitment to continued upkeep. WTA is powered by members. In fact, most of our funding comes from individual donations from our members.

Members are people like you. People who value what WTA does, and want to live in a world with trails for everyone, forever.

Yay for hiking, Now what's this about Workplace Giving? 

Many companies in Washington offer employees the opportunity to give to nonprofit organizations through workplace giving, which lets employees make donations to a non-profit of their choice (ahem - WTA) from their pre-tax income. 

Full disclosure, you do have to fill out a form.  

Have a seat, I'll explain. 

But it's not hard. And pre-tax means you won't get taxed on that money when April rolls around!

How it Works

Corporate Workplaces
First of all, make sure your employer does workplace giving. The easiest way to find out: ask your HR department! If your employer facilitates their own workplace giving campaign, talk to HR about how to include Washington Trails Association in your giving.

Say thank you while you're at it; they're probably keeping the place afloat. 

If you work for one of many corporations that include EarthShare Washington in their workplace giving campaign, find EarthShare Washington on your payroll pledge form and write in Washington Trails Association as a specific designation.

Well, actually it'll be ours. Some of it anyway. 

Government Workplaces
If you work for federal, state, county or city government or work for a public university, Washington Trails Association will be listed in your campaign catalog. Look for Washington Trails Association as a member of EarthShare Washington or alphabetically in the index. Write WTA's code number on your payroll deduction pledge form.

Annnnnd that's it. Once you designate WTA as the org you want to receive your workplace gift, we'll put it to work where it's needed most: on your favorite trail, in advocating for trails in Olympia or to power resources like this website.

Realtime footage of WTA staff working on the website. 

Bonus: Corporate Matching

Many of the same companies who participate in workplace giving also match employees' charitable contributions or volunteer hours by making a corporate donation to WTA. If your employer makes matching donations, then as a donor or volunteer at WTA, you have the power to direct these contributions.

Every company's matching gift program is a little different in how they provide support. Some companies match 1:1 any financial donations made to a nonprofit. Others donate $10-$20 per hour for every hour one of their employees volunteers. Ask your HR department how your support can go even further for trails!

Why Should I?

Your support enables Washington Trails Association to mobilize hikers, and everyone who loves the outdoors, to be explorers, stewards and champions of Washington's trails and public lands.

Plus, giving back to nonprofit organizations feels good ... kinda like this:

Through your workplace giving, you'll be an active part of realizing our vision: trails for everyone, forever.