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Where to Go Hiking - Right Now

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Jul 07, 2011 08:58 PM |
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With snow lingering in the mountains, where's a hiker to go? WTA has put together a list of ten hikes that are accessible right now. And what's more, they're really great destinations.

That's the question this summer, isn't it? Where can you go hiking that is snow-free, yet still a true summer destination.

We can all list off a bunch of hikes that we can't take right now: Kendall Katwalk - snow-covered; Spider Meadow - snow-covered with scary stream crossings; Artist Point - snowy, with the road beyond the ski area closed for the entire summer; Mount Townsend and Marmot Pass - almost, but not yet; Paradise and Sunrise trails - deep under the white stuff; western side of Mount St. Helens - road still closed. And it goes on and on.

What's a hiker to do?

Go Hiking, of course!

Today WTA put together a list of ten hikes that are mostly, if not all, snow-free, according to recent Trip Reports. What's more, there is something for everybody on these trails. Wildflowers. Mountain views. Waterfalls. Summits. Ocean. Tough hikes, easy ones, and even a backpack. Check out these trails here.

We have also recently updated our Hiking Safety Tips, with a special attention to conditions that hikers might find this summer, like steep snowfields and challenging stream crossings. Check these out, even if you are a seasoned hiker. We want you to come home safely from your hikes!

Most of all, enjoy your hiking! There are literally thousands of hikes in Washington state. Explore somewhere new this summer, then please return and write a Trip Report. In a year like this, hikers need these first-hand accounts from the trail more than ever.