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Volunteer on National Trails Day (Jun 1)

Posted by Sarah Rich at May 17, 2013 04:10 PM |
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This June 1, rally together with hikers across the nation to celebrate National Trails Day by volunteering on a work party with WTA on a number of great trails from Ape Cave to Beckler Peak.

This June 1, rally together with hikers across the nation to celebrate National Trails Day –- a single day reserved for trails everywhere. Like any other day, we'll be hauling our dirt-encrusted shovels to the trailhead and turning the gritty trail-duff with our grub-hoes – but this time, we'll be doing it with thousands of other volunteers across the country.

This year, spend National Trails Day (June 1) giving back to the trails that give you access to your favorite natural spaces. Consider signing up for one of the following WTA work parties in regions across the state.

Cougar Mountain, for youth and families (Issaquah Alps)

Enjoy a day in the great outdoors with your family! Youth and parents alike will enjoy digging around in the dirt to improve tread and drainage on one or two trails in the area.

> Sign up for the youth and families work party on Cougar Mountain.

Pratt River (I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass)

Pratt River

This new trail through shady forest just weathered its first winter. Lend a hand getting rid of mud holes, fixing drainage and repairing rock walls to make sure this trail performs like new.

> Sign up for the Pratt River work party.

Ape Caves (Southwest Washington)

Learn how to build trail on this cool new route that will link the Ape Caves Trailhead with a scenic vista featuring Mount St. Helens’ southern flank. When you return to hike this completed 1-mile trail later this year, you’ll be able to pick out the section of trail that you built with your hands! Volunteer for the weekend or just for the day.

> Sign up for Ape Cave work party.

Beckler Peak (Skykomish District)

Beckler Peak

The first part of Beckler Peak Trail follows an old road bed through old-growth forest. Help convert it from feeling like a road to more like a trail, for a more pleasurable hiking experience. Use natural materials and trail construction techniques to help narrow and define this section of trail.

> Sign up for the Beckler Peak work party.

South Fork Skokomish (Hood Canal)

The Skokomish River has such a bad habit of changing course, taking old sections of trail with it. So our battle to rebuild and harden an important Olympic Peninsula trail continues. Help out for the weekend or just for the day.

> Sign up for the South Fork Skokomish work party.

Excelsior Pass (Mount Baker area)

Excelsior Pass

It’s no wonder this hike is so popular since its expansive views of the North Cascades are so easily accessible. But with popularity also comes wear and tear. Join this work party to help clear and repair the trail to Excelsior Pass to prepare it for hordes of summer hikers.

> Sign up for the Excelsior Pass work party.

Liberty Lake (Eastern Washington)

Just 30 minutes outside of Spokane, this 7.5 mile loop trail is undergoing some major improvements. As a result, hikers will be able to easily enjoy destinations along the trail, including a beautiful waterfall and large cedar grove. Help cut back brush, level tread and realign the trail.

> Sign up for the Liberty Lake work party.