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WTA Recognizes the Work of Volunteers

Posted by Sarah Rich at Nov 08, 2011 11:40 AM |
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Volunteers crowded into the REI conference room Friday evening to hear stories of how much their hard work has impacted trails this year.

It was one of the only work parties this year where not one volunteer did a whit of work. Instead, the more than 160 volunteers at this inexplicably popular work party milled around a big open room, eating plates of shrimp and swapping trail work stories.

But then, the Seattle volunteer appreciation event was always meant to be all party and no work.

Volunteers crowded into the REI conference room Friday evening to hear stories of how much their hard work has impacted trails this year. Some people had trouble staying seated, popping up every few minutes to be thanked and recognized for one reason or another. See below for a comprehensive list of awards.

In total, more than 2,300 volunteers have come out on trips with WTA so far in 2011. Together, WTA volunteers have worked over 95,000 hours, or 1,000 days, on trails this year. So it was understandable that WTA had so many thanks to lavish upon the volunteers in the audience.

Among other land managers present, Gary Paull, Wilderness Coordinator at Mount-Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, addressed the crowd that evening. “Because of you,” he said, “trails have been kept up this year that would have otherwise been downhill.”

John Morrow, Wilderness Manager of the Cle Elum Ranger District, said, “This type of stormy winter goes to show how much we depend on WTA to get work done. You guys have become the ones with the skills and the expertise.”

Towards the end of the program, Dianne Hofbeck, a longtime volunteer, presented WTA with a painting of a forested trail that she painted after injuring herself earlier this year. “Maybe I can’t throw dirt around,” she said, “but at least I can do something about your blank office walls.”

The evening closed with volunteers picking up a final thanks in the form of the door prizes that they won in WTA’s annual volunteer appreciation raffle.

This event was only one of five regional volunteer appreciation parties. We feted our volunteers in Spokane two weeks ago, and will be in Bellingham on the 9th, Vancouver on the 13th and in Quilcene on December 3. You can sign up for these parties on WTA’s work party schedule.

Carhartt awards (nominated by district crew leaders): Gary Zink, Darrel Dochow, Marty Barney, Marta Sheridan, JB Robinson, Lee Young, Lynn Kittridge, Charlie Romine, Jane Baker

Outstanding Trail Crew Vests (25 work parties): Barry Teschlog, Don Campbell, Holli Dexheimer

Outstanding Trail Crew Saws (50 work parties): JB Robinson, Michael Shanahan

Full Bench Club (250 work parties): Marta Sheridan, Dave Blevins, Pam MacRae, Richard Tipps, Ken Broman, Lee Young

Crosscut Saw Club (500 work parties): Chad Creamer, Rose Alfred

Golden Rockbar Club (1,000 work parties): Pete Dewell


WTA Recognizes the Work of Volunteers

Thank you for the wonderful party. We were there with a couple of Boy Scouts from Troop 327, unfortunately the other Scouts couldn't make it. But I can report that our Scouts had a great time and are definitely inspired to participate a lot more in 2012. Next year we hope to have a lot more of our troop participating in work parties and expereincing that great feeling of accomplishment that comes with it!

Steve Mikkelsen, Asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 327 Mill Creek, WA

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Reno on Nov 09, 2011 10:42 AM

WTA Recognizes the Work of Volunteers

Thanks for coming to the event on Friday! Also, thanks to all the scout troops and community partners who volunteered with WTA in 2011.

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Kdooley on Nov 09, 2011 10:42 AM