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Two Crazy Kids in Love Take a Hike, Get Married

Posted by Loren D at Oct 14, 2013 12:40 PM |

Two hikers get hitched at a trailhead and spend the first few hours of their married life hiking to the lookout at Mount Pilchuck.

Trip reports are an important part of Washington's hiking community, where hikers report trail conditions and share the best features of popular and out of the way trails. Writing a trip report is one of the easiest and best ways to give back to trails. But trip reports hold so much more than just trail intelligence: they're full of life lessons, incredible adventures, spectacular photography and, sometimes, love stories.

A wedding on the way to Mount Pilchuck

Last week, I spotted a trip report for Mount Pilchuck (our current Hike of the Week) that I had to share. Among trail beta about the weather, fall foliage and views from the beloved lookout, trip reporter Turkey Tail Hunter mentioned, oh-so-casually, a trailhead wedding:

"It was absolutely gorgeous weather, not too hot and not too cold. My husband and I actually had our wedding ceremony at the trail head by the lookout and started the hike as our first journey into life as Mr and Mrs. Smith. The trees were starting to turn to fall colors resulting in some amazing sites and photo opportunities. There was a large amount of hikers of all ages ranging from toddlers to the elderly. The outlook its self was rather busy and we had to wait to climb the ladder (a couple ladies got a little scared and blocked the path to the lookout). Once we finished out time on the lookout we found a nice little secluded spot with amazing views. It was the most memorable day of my life so far, and I'm extremely pleased we decided to hike there after our wedding."

All of us here at WTA are suckers for love stories that involve the great outdoors (a good number of us wooed or wedded our spouses on or near Washington trails), so we asked the couple if we could share their story. They said sure and sent us a few photos of what looks like a wonderfully down-to-earth wedding day surrounded by friends, family and Washington's wild autumn beauty.

Now, we send them our very best wishes for a lifetime of hiking and camping adventures together. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Thanks for your trip report.

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Have a love story of your own? Share your own love story with us in the comments below, or get ideas for an upcoming woodsy wedding or hiking honeymoon on our Pinterest board devoted to love.