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Trip Reports: Hikers Helping Hikers

Posted by Washington Trails Association at Jun 10, 2021 11:45 AM |
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Trip reports make WTA a uniquely helpful resource for hikers in Washington. Here are a few trip reports where hikers helped out a little extra.

In a trip report, photos of the trail and information on conditions help hikers see what to expect on trail. But stories in the trip reports and conversations in the comments also contain valuable information, lessons and advice to future hikers.

Shoulder season (that time of year where there's more snow on trail than you expected and conditions can be particularly changeable) provides lots of moments like this. WTA loves to see hikers helping each other out, so we pulled together a few of our favorite recent trip reports where hikers lent a hand.

Bad conditions, good advice

french creek_isaac n martinez.jpeg
Checking out the snow on the French Creek Trail. Photo by Isaac N. Martinez.

Trip reporter Isaac N. Martinez went to French Creek recently, and found snow, water on trail and ticks (ew). Another hiker asked him about the stream crossing and he recommended against it. High, fast-moving water is no joke, if you're uncomfortable crossing, there's no shame in turning around and waiting for another day. You can also get tips on crossing water from our Trail Smarts Series.

Jbmccrar had some good advice for folks hoping to go up to Pete Lake for Memorial Day: don't. They helped out a couple of folks in the comments with advice about the snow on the road and whether their vehicle could handle it.

Research Assistance

green mountain_blameitonthedogz.jpeg
Chillin' on Green Mountain. Photo by Blamethedogz

You never know when your trip report will come in useful. Recently, a curious hiker asked Matt27 about camping advice based on his 2016 trip report from the Goat Rocks.

And you never know who might be reading! An out-of-state visitor excited to visit Green Mountain was doing some research and got advice from several people on this comment thread about the snow and road access conditions.

Ngie offered a tip to Ms. Mouse Hiker after her America the Beautiful pass melted on a hot day out at Iron Bear - Teanaway Ridge; hang it up!

courtneynicole had to skip her hike after waking up with a flat on the way to Greider Lakes, but the assistance from strangers restored her faith in humanity.

Helping Hands

iron bear_QAHiker.jpeg
Lovely views from Teanaway Ridge. Photo by QA Hiker.

Mountain Mathew and his crew opted to turn around when bad weather foiled their attempt at Dragontail Peak, but a friendly crew at Colchuck Lake improved the day with beef jerky to share.

Sometimes the snow just won't let you get there. CarolineMD got stuck in a Subaru with chains (twice!) heading up to Packwood Lake for a snowshoe, but luckily, someone in a Crosstrek helped pull her out.

QAHiker had nothing but praise to hikers on Memorial Day weekend at Iron Bear - Teanaway Ridge; the trail was totally clear of trash !

Trail Angels

Know how we always say to be prepared when you go hiking? That's because you never know when you might need your gear. In early May, experienced hiker Hardraka had an unfortunate fall on Mailbox Peak and needed search and rescue. Fortunately, they were prepared with warm clothes so could wait wait semi-comfortably for search and rescue. The bad experience was improved with the help of passing hikers offered help, including one person who sat with Hardraka for three hours until search and rescue arrived.

And sometimes your gear fails. This one's from last fall, but the story is too good not to share. l_west helped out a group of women at Colchuck Lake whose water filters were broken. She continued on her thru-hike in the Enchantments, filed a trip report and one of the woman she helped wrote a comment thanking her!