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Trail-Themed Costumes: Halloween at WTA

Posted by Loren D at Oct 31, 2014 02:30 PM |
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When you dedicate your career to protecting (and exploring) trails, even your Halloween costumes turn out to have important messages for hikers.

When you dedicate your career to protecting (and exploring) trails, it's hard to take off the hat of trail educator. So it's no surprise that among the host of great Halloween costumes appearing in our Seattle offices this morning, more than a few had some trail themes.

When costumes get serious about poop on trail

Portrait of a busy trail on a weekend in early fall: Kayla Bordelon, our newest staffer, says her costume was inspired by a recent trip to Snow Lake Trail, which she said was littered with toilet paper, dog poo bags.

Cross-section of a trail: Staffer Andrew Pringle also turned up in trail costume, but with a different perspective. The bloom of soiled toilet paper appears on his head (aka the surface) because the rest of him is the earth below the forest floor.

Maybe next year's Poop Week should come with costumes.

Halloween LNT Costumes
Dressed to impress...Leave No Trace messages. Kayla and Andrew as trails littered in human and dog waste.

Wildflower meadows are terrified of being trampled by foot traffic

Volunteer coordinator Julie Cassata dressed as a wildflower meadow. Her costume really came alive, though, when a hiking shoe got too close to her.

Wildflower Meadow Costume
Julie embodies a wildflower meadow when its threatened by being trampled underfoot.

Topical to trail news: an open Suiattle River Road costume

Staffer Kim Brown dressed as one of her favorite places, the Suiattle River Road. Her costume highlighted all the amazing hiking opportunities created for hikers with the recent opening of the road.

Suiattle River Road Costume
Kim's costume shows off some of the best parts of the now-open Suiattle River Road, including improved access to Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Last minute costume ideas for hikers

Looking for some last minute costume ideas? Between your gear stash and WTA, we've got you covered with this list of costume hacks for hikers from last Halloween.