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Tips to Inspire Kids to be Explorers like Dora

Posted by clopez at Aug 01, 2019 05:14 PM |
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Swiper, YES swiping! Swipe these tips for inspiring young explorers like Dora the Explorer herself. You never know what’s in store-a when you hike like Dora!

With the release of the Dora the Explorer movie, it’s a great time to get your little ones inspired to explore out-Dora-s! Whether you’re new to hiking, a total pro or somewhere in between, try these tips for raising bold explorers!

Bilingual hikers like Dora can check out these videos in both Spanish and English for tips about hiking with families. To get you started, here are six tips to help inspire young explorers.


Bring along Boots

While you may not be able to bring a talking monkey in a pair of fashionable boots with you on your adventure (like Dora's friend Boots), a plush animal companion can be just as good. Plus, they make for great photo opportunities.

Tipsoo Lake Trail-1.1.2000-Becky Trepp..jpg
Bring a stuffed animal to serve as a cuddly companion like Boots! Photo by Becky Trepp.


Stay Away From Swiper!

'Swiper, no swiping!' is something you might hear Dora say a lot. Swiper is a crafty fox who does a fair amount of stealing in the show.

But don’t let any real life Swipers make off with any of your snacks! Though it might be tempting to feed the birds or go chasing after squirrels, these critters need their space. Instead, snap a photo instead safely and ethically.

San Juan Island American Camp-7.25.2018-Wes Johnson..jpg
Swipe only photos of wildlife like Swiper. Photo by Wes Johnson.


in the backpack loaded up with things / and the Ten Essentials too!

Dora loves singing. Songs are actually great for memorization, and if you switch up the lyrics to one of Dora's anthems, it could help you remember what to pack. Plus, packing together is a good way to get your kids used to the Ten Essentials. Sing while you're packing your backpack with your little ones; you can go over each essential together, and explain why they are important.

Anything that they might need / be sure to pack inside for you!

Baker Lake-6.20.2016-Kathleen Cassels..jpg
Pack your backpacks together can help teach young exploders how to be safe. Photo by Kathleen Cassels.


I'm the Map (reader)!

If there's a place you got to go / the map’s the one you need to know!

Have your little one follow along on the map like Dora does to help build their navigational skills. Together, you can learn how topographic lines work, and have them match the trail signs with what they see on the map. There's already the perfect song to sing to make it even more fun! 

Silver Falls State Park-6.22.2013-Ruth&DonAnniversary..jpg
Even younger explorers can follow along on the map just like Dora. Photo by Ryan Ojerio.


Share your story like Dora!

Having your little one write a trip report is not only a good way to practice their writing skills, it can also get them excited to go out again and write more! They can look for interesting things to put in the trip report the way that Dora looks for clues!

Skagit Wildlife Area-2.23.2012-jean.jpeg
Having your little adventurer write a trip report is a great way to practice reading and writing and get excited about nature. Photo by jean.

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