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The Great Neighborhood Map Challenge

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Apr 23, 2020 04:17 PM |

Think you know your neighborhood? Put your memory to the test with this fun game for the whole family!

Staying entertained and excited while walking the same neighborhood route everyday can be a challenge. So to help livin up the new daily routine, we decided to make it into a game. On your next journey around the block, test your memory skills and artistic prowess with... The Great Neighborhood Map Challenge!

Design your map!


The game itself is pretty simple. First, pick a route around your neighborhood that allows you to practice safe social distancing while you walk. Once you have your route in mind, sketch it out on a blank piece of paper. Try to include every little detail you can recall; from the color of the house on the corner down to the cracks on the sidewalk.

Once your map is sketched and ready, bring it along as you walk your route! Check off the things you remembered correctly (or even incorrectly) and see just how well you remember your neighborhood.

You can repeat this game as many times as you want  until you manage a perfect score! Keep adding more details as you remember them, and compare the progression of your maps over time.

Tips for Drawing maps

Try to remember all the small details from your next walk: how many power lines are there? What type of fencing lines the road? How many different tree species are there? Photo by trip reporter Lazy Boots.

Your map can be as intricate (or not) as you want. As you can see from the intro picture, I have absolutely no future in an art career and was still able to enjoy this challenge! That said, the more details you can fit in, the more fun it'll be to see compare your map to reality. Drawing a top-down view will likely be your best bet to get the most detail in.

If you want to get super fancy and challenge your mind and your artistic abilities even further, here are a few extra things you can include:

  • Topographic elevation information (bonus points if you do this, we'd be impressed)
  • Signs and other things that have written info on them
  • For an added challenge, try to get the tiniest details in like textures and materials

Ready to take the challenge? Go forth! And then let us know how you do in the comments!


Joe Fan on The Great Neighborhood Map Challenge

Any thoughts or ideas on when forest service trails may reopen?

Posted by:

Joe Fan on Apr 24, 2020 04:59 PM

Mark J Anderson on The Great Neighborhood Map Challenge

Make an orienteering game out of it by leaving trinkets in select places. Indicate their locations on the map, then pass it off (at a safe distance!**) to the grandkids to see if they can find the treasures.

**Roll up the map and tuck it in your shoe, then throw the show at them.

Posted by:

Mark J Anderson on Apr 27, 2020 06:13 PM