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Teen Hikers Rescued from Ice Collapse

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Aug 22, 2008 11:55 AM |
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Good news this morning that two teens were rescued after being trapped in a collapsed pocket of snow off the Melakwa Lake Trail. The story brought to mind the fatality at Big Four Ice Caves ten years ago. Luckily, and thanks to heroic rescue efforts, the outcome was much less tragic.

Please remember that even though it's mid-August, there's more snow than usual in the backcountry this year. Before you head out on a hike, take safety precautions. Always take the ten essentials, even on a short day hike. Check  weather forecasts and call ranger stations for current conditions before you hit the trail. Read WTA trip reports and be prepared for snow lingering on trails this season, especially on north-facing slopes. If you encounter snow and can't find the trail, don't hesitate to turn back. I've had to do this several times this season on trails as low as 3,500 feet. Remember, the trail will be waiting for you again next year.

This rescue also demonstrates what a fantastic job King County Search & Rescue does. Read more about Search & Rescue in this article from Washington Trails magazine, and consider making a donation to help support their all-volunteer efforts.