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Take Your Mom Hiking (in 3 Easy Steps)

Posted by Loren D at May 10, 2013 04:10 PM |

Moms are the best. So, plan to take her hiking using our 3-step guide: pick a great hike, pack a picnic, capture the moment.

Think about the awesome mom (or moms) in your life. Think about how much she did for you. She showed you how to lace up your shoes and boots. She introduced you to basic first aid. She taught you to move through the world safely (don't walk too close to the edge of that cliff) and with care (pick up your trash).

Moms are the best. So, plan to take her hiking using our easy-peasy 3-step guide below.

1. Pick a great hike

Flower Guide Image May/June 2012 magazine
Month-by-month wildflower guide from the May/June issue of Washington Trails magazine.

2. Pack her a picnic. A proper one.

  • Keep it simple or pour your love into homemade granola bars.
  • Surprise her with an unexpected treat, something you wouldn't usually find on trail, like ice cream or strawberries . (Just be sure to pack out ALL your trash.)
  • It may weigh a little more when you add it to the ten essentials in your pack, but a picnic blanket makes everything feel fancy.

3. Capture the moment

  • Don't forget your camera! These are moments you will want to remember.

Backup plan

Have you already made plans, but love the idea of giving your Mom a hike for Mother's Day?

  • The gift of hiking. Give her a gift membership to Washington Trails Association.
  • The gift of reading about hiking. Guidebooks are a great way to give an IOU to her about your future hiking adventures.