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Take to the Islands

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Apr 09, 2012 02:55 PM |
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Great hiking beckons us to the shimmering islands of Puget Sound in spring. WTA features eight hikes on eight islands in the Sound.

Hurray! Spring has officially sprung. Great hiking beckons us to the blooming sagelands of Central Washington, the hills above the Columbia River Gorge and to the shimmering islands of Puget Sound.

I am a particular fan of island hikes this time of year. Everything is greening up, yet the deciduous trees have not fully leafed out. Hike now and you will have broader and more numerous views than you will have in a couple of months. Ferry lines - the bane of summer San Juan Islands travel - are still reasonable. And you should have more flexibility in your lodging as well.

With thoughts of sunny days, warmer temperatures and glistening water all around, we've come up with eight excellent hikes on eight Puget Sound islands. Some are only accessible by ferries, but others can be reached by bridges. All of the hikes are worthwhile and provide a taste of what the islands have to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Take to the islands this spring.

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