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Will Your Company Take the Earth Day Challenge?

Posted by LisaC at Apr 02, 2014 01:25 PM |

WTA, EarthShare Washington and 35 other environmental non-profits in Washington state have issued a challenge to Washington companies this month: Raise $50,000 and volunteer 1,000 hours in 16 day to benefit Washington environmental charities and make a real impact on our environment.

In recognition of Earth Day 2014, Washington Trails Association is partnering with EarthShare Washington and 35 other environmental non-profits in Washington state to issue a challenge to Washington companies:

In 16 days, raise $50,000 and volunteer 1,000 hours to benefit Washington environmental charities and make a REAL impact on our environment.

How the challenge works

Through this crowdfunding model, business and employees use the easy online tools provided by EarthShare Washington at to create teams and recruit clients, colleagues, and friends to donate money and volunteer hours to their teams.

Where does the money go?

Funds raised through the Challenge are distributed to 36 conservation nonprofits vetted by EarthShare Washington. Fans of WTA may also specify their gifts for Washington Trails Association.

Give back to the places you love this Earth Day

If your company prides itself of supporting community sustainability and supporting a greener, healthier planet, then the challenge is a great way to put those values into action.

Washington companies know that Washington's wild lands and recreational opportunities are major positive factors in employee recruitment and retention.

We live in a special place that attracts bright, innovative people from around the world, and Earth Day presents a singular opportunity to come together across your company and give back.

Team leaders needed!

Engaging your company to participate is crucial to the Challenge’s success.
Four easy steps to have your company take part:

  1. Recruit a team of conservation heroes at your workplace.
  2. Register your company’s team using the Register Now button at
  3. Set goals for your team: a dollar goal and a volunteer hours goal.
  4. Take a break and congratulate yourself! EarthShare Washington will contact your team leader with practical tips for a successful Earth Day celebration.

    Take the 2014 EarthShare Earth Day Challenge.

Daily prizes for donors!

Every weekday of the Earth Day Corporate Challenge a prize will be given to one lucky donor (some days more than one) from companies like Columbia Sportsware/Mountain Hardware, KAVU, REI and Patagonia.

About Earthshare Washington

Founded in 1987 by local environmental organizations, EarthShare Washington brings people together to build and share resources for the environment. Through education programs, an award-winning website, environmental fundraising, sustainability workshops and collaborating with businesses, EarthShare Washington helps employees connect with and volunteer for leading environmental nonprofits.


Earth Day

Earth Day is a pagan holiday dedicated to promulgation of a whole host of Green Sorellian myths. Not gonna be celebrated here.

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