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Take Action: Connecting Mount Baker and Bellingham with a New Trail System

Posted by Francakes at Aug 17, 2016 12:00 AM |

The Department of Natural Resources needs your comments as it works to complete a multi-year planning process to manage recreation on its working forests.

Image courtesy of DNR.

Between Bellingham and Mount Baker, the Department of Natural Resources manages a number of forests and lands. The agency is currently making its plan for how to manage recreation and increase recreation opportunities, like hiking and mountain biking, on those lands in the next 10-15 years. Now the agency hopes to hear from trail users like you.

Submit your comments by August 31 to help shape a sustainable trail system between Mount Baker and Bellingham.

Thousands of hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and other outdoors enthusiasts enjoy the trails in Whatcom County each year. This new trail system could provide access to new adventures. Hikers have consistently told us that they want to see more trails that connect Lake Whatcom and Mount Baker with Bellingham. This project is a critical step in this process.

New trails key to a sustainable recreation system

A map of DNR's working forest lands where new trails could be constructed.Learn more about the project and view a map on DNR's website.

As you answer the survey questions, consider how you already recreate in Whatcom County and what kinds of experiences are important to you.

DNR wants to hear from everyone who uses trails in Whatcom County, even if you live outside the area, so take a few minutes to weigh in!

WTA previously recommended that DNR support a trails plan that would provide ample trail mileage for all trail users while preventing user conflict.

WTA has also worked to increase local trails on county lands around Lake Whatcom.

As Washington's population increases -- along with demand for high quality outdoor experiences -- new trails are essential to making sure everyone has a place to play without loving an area to death.