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Summer Backcountry Trips Unveiled

Posted by Sarah Rich at Jan 27, 2012 02:24 PM |
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Washington Trails Association's 2012 backcountry schedule is revealed. On the agenda for 2012 are 28 adult Volunteer Vacations, 16 Youth Vacations and 39 Backcountry Response Team (BCRT) trips. Sign-ups begin February 6 at 10am sharp.

The long-awaited moment has arrived. WTA’s coveted 2012 backcountry schedule is, at long last, public domain.

On the agenda for 2012 are 28 adult Volunteer Vacations, 16 Youth Vacations and 39 Backcountry Response Team (BCRT) trips. There is something for everyone in this line-up. We have trips for those who like to sleep in beds at night and ones that require you to carry everything you own on your back. We have trips for teens, trips for adults and even one for college-aged students. Alpine destinations and coastal locations. Remote lakeside campsites and campgrounds. State parks, national parks and national forests.

If we dare say it, this is the best backcountry schedule we've ever fielded!

Don't Worry About the FULL Signs

Starting today, you can preview the destinations on our trail work schedule. Don't be alarmed if the trip says FULL. That's because this is a preview. Sign-ups will begin Monday, February 6 at 10am, and the full signs will disappear at that time.

But don't wait long. If any of the trips look good to you, you'll want to be ready to sign up right when they go live. Popular Volunteer Vacations can fill up in a matter of a couple minutes.

Backcountry Options

Some of you may be wondering what all the hype is about. What IS a Volunteer Vacation or a BCRT? Who can go on Youth Vacations? Here's a bit of info, and there is so much more on the preview pages as well.

Volunteer Vacations - These are week-long trips with up to ten other crew members. You won’t have to worry about carrying your own food or tools, because WTA will transport all of that for you. For this week, you’ll inhabit a beautiful natural setting, working to improve trails during the day. In the afternoons and evenings, you’ll cook gourmet meals over a grill, explore your surroundings and sit around the campfire telling stories with your fellow vacationers. It's a great way to give back to the trails you love AND get to know some amazing other people. >> Preview Volunteer Vacations now.

Backcountry Response Teams (BCRTs) - For the minimalists out there who want to live in the backcountry for three to eight days surviving only on what they can carry on their backs, WTA offers BCRTs. On these trips, you bring in your own food and equipment in your backpack and carry your own tools. Crews do a fair bit of hiking, either doing the work as they go or accessing a specific trail project beyond the range of a day trip. >> Preview BCRTs now.

Youth Vacations - Summers tend to wear on forever when you’re out of school for three months, which is why WTA offers youth the same opportunity that we offer adults. If you are a teenager, age 14 to 18, spend a week of your summer making friends with other teens who enjoy the outdoors — and make a tangible contribution to the trails you love. Youth Vacations have the same week-long format as adult trips, with trips of varying levels of difficulty. This is your chance to explore a beautiful natural area, play a little Frisbee with your fellow crew members and learn how to construct various features of a trail. >> Preview Youth Vacations now.

Next week, we'll go into further detail about the destinations and unique opportunities provided by each of our backcountry trip formats. Check back for more details! And make sure you are in front of a computer to sign-up on Monday, February 6 at ten o'clock sharp. You'll be glad you did.