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Story Behind the Photo: Nature and Family

Posted by Jessi Loerch at Aug 09, 2018 09:23 AM |
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Every year, WTA invites photographers to share their favorite photos for our annual contest. Photographer Avinash Raghuram shared this family shot from Paradise during last year's contest.

Avinash Raghuram wanted to enjoy the last day of his parents’ visit in style and show off the beauty in his own backyard. So he, his parents, his wife and his brother all headed to Paradise at Mount Rainier to take in the beautiful fall colors.

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Ranjani Ravi (from left), PK Raghuram, Avinash Raghuram, Adarsh Raghuram and Vidya Raghuram visited Mount Rainier just after a trip to Alaska. They thought the Alaskan scenery would be hard to top, but they were wrong. “That evening’s sunset and colors were just way too beautiful,” Avinash said. Photo by Avinash Raghuram. 

Avinash and his wife, Ranjani Ravi, live in Bellevue. His parents were visiting from Chennai, India, where Avinash grew up and finished his undergraduate education. His brother was visiting from Vancouver, B.C.

“This hike in Paradise is the perfect mix of views and adventure at the same time,” Avinash said. “Also, from a difficulty standpoint, this trail is easy to hike for all age groups, especially my parents.”

Avinash and his family got lucky with the weather. The week had been cloudy, but the weather cleared for their trip to Rainier. They admired the wildflowers and watched pikas running around. They watched the surreal beauty of the sun setting behind the snow-capped mountains.

Avinash and Ranjani have spent many years in Chennai, which has a warm climate with many coconut groves and flat topography. And, before moving to Seattle about 3 years ago, Avinash lived in Charleston, South Carolina, and Ranjani lived in Houston, Texas. The couple decided to move to Seattle after their wedding for work and to explore the area’s unparalleled natural beauty. They’ve enjoyed exploring the different terrains of the Pacific Northwest.

“Our summers are spent hiking trails listed by WTA, and I take to skiing during winters,” Avinash said. “Photography is my passion, and Seattle is the perfect place to capture the beauty of nature inside out.”

This article originally appeared in the May+Jun 2018 issue of Washington Trails Magazine. Support trails as a member of WTA to get your one-year subscription to the magazine.