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Spend a Summer Weekend Barbecuing, Camping and Volunteering

Posted by Sarah Rich at Jul 02, 2013 05:30 PM |
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Camp for free when you volunteer on a weekend work party on one of these four amazing trails with WTA this summer!

This summer, grab some friends or family and join an overnight trip with WTA to spend your weekend eating burgers around a campfire, sleeping under the stars and digging around in the dirt in a spectacular outdoor setting.

If you volunteer on a weekend work party with WTA, you can not only get free camping—you can also share a meal with the volunteers who you've worked with that day. For most official weekend work parties, WTA provides a Saturday night meal of burgers/veggie burgers and soda; all you need to bring is a side dish to share.

Volunteering on one of the following Saturday-Sunday work parties is a great way to give back to trails, have a fun camping experience and get to know other people who love being outdoors, all at the same time!


Liberty Lake
Liberty Lake. Photo by roxanapeace.

Liberty Lake (Eastern Washington)

This popular loop hike only 30 minutes from Spokane showcases a beautiful stream, old-growth cedar groves, stunning overlooks of the lake and a beautiful waterfall.

You will hike in 3 miles to your free campsite downhill from the Camp Hughes cabin. Park staff will be able to shuttle your gear in to the camp, so it should be a relatively easy hike.



Upper Big Quilcene
Little Falls on the Upper Big Quilcene River. Photo by fyodorova.

Upper Big Quilcene (Olympic Peninsula)

This trail needs your help; a few seasons ago it was hit by storms that took down several trees over the trail. Help saw out any remaining logs and fix damaged tread so that hikers can continue to reach the beautiful alpine meadows and spectacular views along this trail.

You can camp for free where the old road bed extends past the trailhead, but these are not formal campsites, so please bring the necessary backcountry camping essentials.



The view of Baker from Schriebers Meadow is impressive. Photo by Hulk.

Schreibers Meadow (Northwest Washington)

Lots of trails wind out of this spectacular North Cascades setting. Spend your weekend surrounded by panoramic views, glaciers and meadows while you get your hands dirty cutting back brush and cleaning out drainage ditches.

When you volunteer for a day or the whole weekend you can camp for free at the trailhead. And on Saturday night, your chief crew leader/chef extraordinaire will whip you up a tasty meal; just bring a side dish to share!


Comet Falls
Volunteers fixing tread along the Comet Falls Trail. Photo by John Longsworth.

Comet Falls Trail (Mount Rainier)

If you volunteer on any weekend work party at Mount Rainier, you'll not only get into the national park for free—you can also camp for free at the Longmire volunteer campground.

The Comet Falls Trail suffered some major wash-out last year and still needs significant work to keep it open, including brushing, tread work and turnpike construction.

Comet Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park; volunteer a day or two or three this summer to ensure that this trail stays open.

Note: If you want to take advantage of the free camping, you must put in your request two Wednesdays before your trip.


Volunteer Question!

Could I volunteer, and bring my family with me even though they wouldn't be volunteering??

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"Caver Girl" on Jul 19, 2013 11:32 AM