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Rare Opportunity to Shape the Future of Wallace Falls

Posted by kkubitza at Mar 15, 2018 07:07 PM |

As State Parks looks at the future of Wallace Falls State Park, hikers have a rare opportunity to help shape one of the most beloved destinations in the state.

Wallace Falls is one of the most beloved destinations in the Washington State Parks system. Accessible year-round and featuring family-friendly trails, it's one of the first trails that many people in western Washington visit.

Now, hikers will have a rare chance to shape the future of this popular spot. 

Wallace Falls State Park by mkiczulaSummer views at Wallace Falls by mkiczula.

a critical time for Wallace Falls planning

Washington State Parks is currently developing a long-term management plan for Wallace Falls. This comprehensive planning process seeks to incorporate public input and address a wide range of issues — from recreation, to park boundaries, to allowed activities on park land.

On March 21, State Parks is holding a public meeting to share ideas for  addressing issues and concerns raised by the public and park staff. The agency will be asking for public feedback on the proposed changes. The meeting marks a critical juncture for the future of recreation at Wallace Falls. It’s important that hikers provide input to ensure that Wallace Falls continues to provide quality hiking experiences for future generations.

Attend the meeting (details below) and speak up for trails and recreation facilities or submit comments online.

Obligatory Middle Falls Photo (Photo by Jon Lee)A classic view of the middle falls at Wallace Falls State Park by Jon Lee. 

Process & Goals

The planning process will identify issues and concerns of park stakeholders, explore alternative solutions to address issues, develop draft recommendations for addressing issues, and result in a final management plan.

State Parks began this process last November, when they held a public meeting to collect input on issues and concerns. A number of issues were raised at that meeting, including:

  • a desire for more trails and trail connections
  • concerns around overuse of trails
  • insufficient parking
  • impacts to natural resources
  • need for increased facilities to meet visitor demand
  • desire for improved parking and trail signs
  • acquiring adjacent properties

Hiker Feedback Critical

Attend this meeting to share your thoughts on the draft plans State Parks is considering for addressing recreation needs at Wallace Falls. If you’re unable to attend the meeting in person you can submit comments online on the Wallace Falls planning page.

March 21, 6-8pm
Sultan City Hall
319 Main St.
Sultan, WA

Suggested Talking Points

Below are a few suggested talking points. Beyond these talking points, it’s helpful to share your personal experiences with recreation at Wallace Falls. Consider sharing how you recreate at Wallace Falls and what issues you’ve experienced.

  • Ensure existing trails receive adequate maintenance to address the heavy user demand and prevent impacts to natural resources.
  • Develop loop trails and trail connections to adjacent Department of Natural Resources land (Reiter Foothills) to expand hiking opportunities and disperse users.
  • Develop solutions for overcrowding parking lots. Consider expansion and development of parking lots and shuttle services to trailheads.

13177092_1335180773165676_4692082804670115923_n.jpgPhoto by MissApril