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Snowshoe Book Now Online

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Jan 27, 2010 03:45 PM |
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After spending the past two weeks working in my garden and witnessing the tell-tale signs of an early spring, it has been easy to get the impression that winter is over. Everyone I talk to have the perception that there is simply no snow to play in.

Artist Point
Artist Point. Photo by Matt Leber

But it's simply not true.

There may be no snow along the Mountain Loop Highway, but most mountain passes got a foot or more of new snow on Sunday night, and all of the state's ski areas report a solid snow base. Trip Reporter "NobleHikers" snowshoed at Paradise on Monday and wrote that the conditions were excellent. 

And now you have one more reason to dust off those snowshoes. WTA's Hiking Guide now includes all 100 entries from Dan Nelson's Snowshoe Routes Washington, the preeminent (and only) snowshoeing book for the state. Mountaineers Books has donated select content from this book to WTA, as well as the content from their six Day Hiking series guidebooks. To buy the book in its entirety with extra features, photos and maps, click here.

Now it is super easy to check out great snowshoeing destinations, print out the description and driving directions and follow up with a Trip Report when you return.

Want to try it out?

You can browse all 100 snowshoeing destinations simply by typing "snowshoe" in the hike name box. You can further limit your results by choosing regions and sub-regions. Advanced search provides more ways to hone in on your snowshoe route - high point, elevation gain, features and more. (Go there now.)

So where are you going to find snow?

I'd try mountain passes and the areas near ski resorts for the best snow conditions. My favorites include:

You may have other even better ideas. Please share them in the comments, and check out all of our great new snowshoeing content in the Hiking Guide.

Thank you Dan Nelson and Mountaineers Books!


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Dammit ! Just wasted $18 on the print copy ! That's so generous of the Mountaineers . Thanks a lot !

Posted by:

paul on Jan 28, 2010 12:34 AM

Money well spent


You didn't waste $18- you made it possible for Dan, Me and Alan to provide this material to you and thousands of others. And while there is plenty of content available on the WTA site-your book purchase allows you to access material only available in the book. Dan, Alan and myself are professional writers and photographers that don't (and can't) work for free (who can?). So we thank you for purchasing our books, hope you and your fellow hikers continue to purchase our books and in return we will continue to give you excellent trail coverage and some "free" material on the web as well! And we and our books also help support the great work that WTA does-so your purchase funnels some money directly into our trails as well! Thanks!

Posted by:

Craig Romano on Jan 28, 2010 09:07 AM

Money well spent

Thanks, Craig, for clarifying.
Our online hiking guide provides only select content from these guidebooks. We hope that after getting a taste of the great content in the Mountaineers guidebooks, you will want to purchase the books in their entirety. And as Craig points out, about 8% of the sale of these guidebooks comes back to WTA if you buy them through our provided links to Amazon or REI.

Posted by:

Lauren Braden on Jan 29, 2010 01:46 PM