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Service Learner Superstars

Posted by Kara Chin at Mar 02, 2010 07:49 PM |

Each quarter, WTA is contacted by several students at local colleges and universities looking for opportunities to complete service learning hours for various classes.

This quarter, WTA is lucky to have the helping hands of 23 students from Seattle University and the University of Washington, five of whom have been helping out in the WTA office: Philip-Justus Pascual, Brittany Cohen, Alex Valente, Emily Frost and Megan Veith.

Their projects have included assisting with mailings, adding information and photos for WTA's Hiking Guide and data entry.

When Philip, a junior at SU, started volunteering at WTA, he hadn't spent much time doing office work before. His efforts have given him an appreciation for the range of activities necessary to run an office. He comments:

"Administration is important too. Every little the dent I make in stacks of paper and envelopes, I feel that without the littlest cog the whole machine falls. Certainly, it takes more than one person to start a movement, but every person counts – the paper pusher, the administrator, the field worker, or whoever."

Brittany Cohen, also from SU, feels like she received a good grounding in what it would be like to work for a non-profit.

"Working at WTA has given me a great look into the world of a nonprofit - giving me an inside look on daily activities occurring behind the scenes. I have gained a strong sense of community among the employees, volunteers, and members of WTA. Through monthly “mailing parties,” volunteers and WTA staff come together to fold and organize renewal letters to members across the country, unofficially talk about upcoming projects, and among other things, discuss hiking trips."

As she hits the half-way point of her volunteering, she feels that "I have obtained the very important knowledge as to what keeps Washington Trails Association alive. Without the help of countless members and volunteers, only a fraction of WTA’s achievements could have been completed."

We couldn't have said it better, Brittany. Thank you to all our winter quarter service learners!

If you'd like to complete your service learning hours with WTA - either on trail or in the office next quarter - please email Alyssa Kreider at