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Santa Jerry Crafts Personalized Saws for Volunteers

Posted by Kindra at Dec 15, 2016 03:10 PM |
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Meet one of WTA's jolliest volunteers.

Santa Jerry
Jerry Galland, a professional Santa, volunteers with WTA engraving saws.

Volunteering on trail with WTA comes with all kinds of benefits—and not just the satisfaction of knowing you play an integral role in maintaining Washington’s beautiful walkways.

One of the most coveted awards for our volunteers is the personalized hand saw. It’s given to those who have completed 50 work parties and comes with the recipient’s name engraved on the handle. What makes this saw even more special is the fact that it’s engraved in Santa’s workshop.

The man who engraves WTA’s personalized hand saws is Jerry Galland, a professional Santa based out of Auburn. He sits on the board of multiple Santa organizations, such as the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. Santa Jerry boasts an impressive shop, complete with a large laser engraver that is used to add that personal touch to our volunteers' hand saws.

For years now, Santa Jerry has been working with us to make these gifts for the good girls and boys of WTA’s volunteer trail maintenance community. Santa Jerry says he is happy to help recognize WTA volunteers.

“[I’m] always seeking practical use of my machine; it seemed a good fit to mark [the volunteers’] saws. Santa thanks you for all you do."

If you’re close to completing 50 work parties, consider getting out again soon! If you’d like to learn more about Santa Jerry and his services.