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Road to Artist Point Opens

Posted by Loren D at May 14, 2015 05:50 PM |

The road to Artist Point has been cleared of snow and is now open. It is the earliest date the Mount Baker Hwy section of road has ever been cleared.

Late today, WSDOT crews cleared the last of the snow from the road to Artist Point. Artist Point is located at the very end of Mount Baker Highway, State Route 542 and boasts 360-degree views of Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker, as well as access to a variety of trails. It is the earliest the road has ever opened. (Last year it opened on July 1.)

In the event of a late season snowfall, the highway could close until conditions improve.

If the clouds cooperate, the views from the parking lot are stunning. But right now, nmdanielson's recent overnight trip report shows there's still plenty of snow still up there, and restroom facilities are not open. You're better off waiting at least a month for the really great Mount Baker hiking, and spend the next month enjoying lower-elevation North Cascades hiking.

A word of caution from WSDOT: weather can change suddenly in the mountains. Snowshoers, campers and hikers who visit Artist Point between now and the end of June should be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Get more information on the road and conditions

Road to Artist Point by nmdanielson
A trip report from nmdanielson on May 7 shows how much snow you're likely to find at Artist Point.