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Remembering Two Volunteers

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Apr 09, 2009 10:55 AM |
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The staff and volunteers of WTA wish to recognize the contributions of two volunteers who recently passed away. We wish their friends and family well, and want them to know that Tom and Dennis were an important part of the amazing WTA volunteer community.

Tom Sparacio

Tom Sparacio passed away Mar 17 after a battle with cancer.  Tom began volunteering on trail maintenance work parties with WTA in 1999.  He racked up over 56 days on trail as a volunteer, spending much of his time maintaining trails in his favorite area, the Darrington Ranger District.  Whenever a work party was scheduled for Mount Pilchuck, Tom was sure to be there. He also participated on several Volunteer Vacations on the Wenatchee River Ranger District, another of his favorite areas. 

Dennis Arntzen

An avid hiker and climber, he could recall his many adventures in great detail.  Not only did WTA appreciate having Tom as a volunteer, but Tom extended his appreciation of WTA and other volunteers with a generous donation to help recognize our most dedicated volunteers.  WTA has continued to fund the incentive for completing 50 WTA work parties: a personalized corona hand saw. Thank you, Tom!

Dennis Arntzen was a long time volunteer from the Bellingham Area, and passed away in November. Dennis began volunteering in 1998, and spent many days working on trails in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  In his ten years as a volunteer, Dennis spent 72 days participating on WTA work parties, primarily in the Mount Baker District.  As a constant in our Mount Baker program, Dennis, you will be missed!

Photos: Top, Tom Sparacio, Bottom: Dennis Arntzen.