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#RecreateResponsibly Updates Guidelines

Posted by Kindra at Aug 10, 2021 01:41 PM |

The national #RecreateResponsibly coalition is looking beyond the pandemic aiming to build an inclusive and conscientious outdoor culture.The updated guidance focuses on keeping people and outdoor spaces healthy through personal responsibilities and actions.

In the early days of the pandemic, there was a national surge of people getting outside, looking for the mental and physical benefits time in nature provides. At the same time here in Washington, many organizations, agencies and businesses that help people get outdoors were looking to provide clear advice on how to reduce the risks to people and places during this unprecedented time.

Brought together under the leadership of Washington Trails Association, outdoor retailer REI and state land managers, a new Washington coalition formed and helped shape a national conversation. 

The Recreate Responsibility Coalition (RRC) was born from unique circumstances and needs. It has been strengthened by valuing agility, learning and collaboration. The group has developed guidelines and messaging to ensure people have safe and successful outdoor adventures while caring for the places we recreate. The coalition has grown to include more than 1,300 members representing brands, government agencies, nonprofits, outdoor media and influencers. It has also expanded its focus to help address systemic and targeted racism. The Recreate Responsibly Coalition has sought ways to dismantle barriers to accessing the outdoors while increasing inclusivity and equity for those who seek fellowship with nature.

With an eye towards the future of outdoor recreation and the still-growing number of people getting outside, the coalition's goals of protecting people and our natural spaces remains the same. However our guidelines are evolving to push towards a culture of inclusion and personal responsibility in the outdoors.

The basic message is simple: we all have a role to play in keeping people, places and communities safe as we enjoy the outdoors. 

Six updated tips to help you recreate responsibly. •	Know before you go. Check the status of the place you want to visit for closures, fire restrictions, and weather.  •	Plan and prepare. Reservations and permits may be required. Make sure you have the gear you need and a back-up plan.  •	Build an inclusive outdoors.  Be an active part of making the outdoors safe and welcoming for all identities and abilities.  •	Respect others. There is space for everyone outdoors. Be kind to all who use the outdoors differently.  •	Leave no trace.  Respect the land, water, wildlife, and Native communities. Follow the seven Leave No Trace principles. •	Make it better. We all have a responsibility to sustain the places we love. Volunteer, donate, and advocate for the outdoors.

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