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Progress Report: Glendale Forest, Building a Neighborhood Trail

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Apr 04, 2022 03:27 PM |
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Get the latest on this urban park and see how WTA's Emerging Leaders Program, land managers, and local residents are working to see it opened to the public.

Similar to trails in the backcountry, urban green spaces come together when cooperation is at the forefront of WTA’s work. Glendale Forest is a perfect example of just that, where working together with land managers and the neighboring community brings together unique viewpoints, strategies and needs for new trails in North Highline, an unincorporated area near Seattle.

After a dedicated and thorough planning process, WTA has seen an unused and overgrown patch of forest progress into a future opportunity for local residents to enjoy the benefits of nature. But the park plays a larger role in a wider trail system, ensuring that people have access to green spaces no matter where they live or want to recreate. That’s exactly why our Trail Next Door team is hard at work to create opportunities like Glendale Forest in communities across Washington. 

before and after of trail in forest
A progress shot of work taking place in Glendale this spring. Photo by Zachary Toliver.

Trail work in Glendale Forest began in 2021 and continues into 2022 in an effort to realize the vision that was originally imagined for the green space. That work so far has been made possible by WTA’s Emerging Leaders Program, an engaged local community, and the help of King County Parks and partners like EarthCorps. The Emerging Leaders Program, new to WTA this year, brings individuals together to build leadership skills and supports future career interests in outdoor recreation and stewardship. The cohort of emerging leaders found a unique opportunity in Glendale Forest, where they can work with land managers and see firsthand how creating access to a small five-acre parcel of greenspace has big potential to improve connections to nature for hundreds of residents in the local neighborhood, including students from nearby schools. 

Sawing a log in Glendale Forest
WTA and EarthCorps have worked together to make progress in Glendale Forest possible. Photo by Zachary Toliver.

To date, a large portion of trail that runs from the entrance of the park has been worked on with the hopes of finishing that section by the end of summer. Future work parties are also scheduled for the ELP cohorts to continue toward the goal of seeing Glendale Forest fully opened. These work party opportunities are open to members of the local community and schools as well, so those who will be using the park most can have a stake in shaping Glendale Forest for years to come.

Stay tuned for further updates (and keep an eye out for work party opportunities). We can’t wait to announce the opening of this brand new park in the future!