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NW Exposure Photo Contest Tips

Posted by Kindra at Sep 11, 2012 03:10 PM |

Here are some tips to help your best summer photos become winners of WTA's Northwest Exposure photo contest.

Did you take some great photos this summer?

Now it is time to choose your favorites and enter them in WTA's Northwest Exposure photo contest.

Need help deciding which of your many pictures has that little something extra to catch the judges' eyes? Here are some great tips from the latest issue of Washington Trails magazine to help you zoom in on that winning shot.

Selecting the best photos for the contest

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take an award-winning photograph. But you do need a few things going for you, such as:

  • A strong composition. Really think about the composition of your shot. Less is more. Draw the viewer into one element of the scene. Don't be afraid to crop your original photo.
  • Good lighting. Look for photos taken in that "golden hour" near sunrise and sunset. Avoid dark photos and photos that are washed out by the midday sun.
  • Good focus. Make sure to zoom into your photos to ensure that they are in crisp focus. A tripod makes a world of difference when you are trying to achieve clarity.

Selecting the best category for your photos

Once you have selected and perfected your best photos, it is time to choose the category to submit them in. This year, Northwest Exposure has five categories, and you can submit one photograph in each category. Remember photos must be taken in Washington state.

Choosing the right category for your photo will maximize your chances of winning. Professional photographer and regular Washington Trails contributor, Paul Raymaker, has provided some great pointers for this year's categories.

Here are some good rules of thumb:

  • Great landscape? This year we are focusing on trails so there should be a trail in your landscape that helps draw the eye.
  • Hiker in the photo? Submit your (adult) hiker photos in the Hikers in Action category. We want to see their faces!
  • Kids and family photos will have their best chances in the Families on Trail category.
  • Does the photo make you chuckle? Whether it includes people, pets or places, include all of these in the Offbeat Outdoors category.
  • Cute pooch? Save the Fauna category for the wild animals. Dogs will do best in Offbeat Outdoors or with hikers in the Hikers in Action categories.

Now go find that winning photo! Or use these tips as an excuse to go out and take some new inspiring shots for your own archives.

Gear, glory and prizes

The winners will be showcased in the January+February 2013 Washington Trails magazine. Plus, winners will receive some great prizes including camera bags courtesy of LowePro and Mountainsmith, or cool gear from Powertraveller and Granite Gear.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a beautifully mounted version of their photo, courtesy of Bumblejax.

Submit before the contest deadline: October 14, 2012

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