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One Trip Reporter You Otter Get to Know

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Most trip reporters are humans, but sometimes a clever critter chimes in with valuable insight from their most recent hike. Meet River, who is helping fellow hikers — and sharing a lot of joy.

Fun fact we bet you didn’t know about sea otters: They can climb, like, really steep mountains — and ski back down them. 

Okay, not really. But...kind of.

hikingotter Hidden Lake Lookout mountain view stoke.jpeg
Introducing River the otter, pro hiking guide. Photo by hikingotter. 

Meet River the otter, aka trip reporter hikingotter. River’s been reporting about trails since 2017, and my oh my, how this little Mustelidae does get out!

Trip reports are incredibly valuable to the hiking community. They give hikers the information the need to stay safe and have fun — and they provide WTA and land managers vital details to help shape public policy and how lands are managed. And sometimes, they also bring joy the world. This otter? It brings a lot of joy. 

hikingotter Mount St. Helens.jpeg
River chillin' at  the top of Mount St. Helens before their ski descent. Photo by hikingotter. 

Normally otters like sticking to aquatic habitats — places like lakes, rivers, wetlands and oceans — but not River: They’ve been to the top of Mount St. Helens and hiked the length of the North, Central and South Cascades.

hikingotter Easy Pass eating snow.jpeg
Otters like to hike in all seasons. Photo by hikingotter.

And while most otters munch on a diet of fish and crustaceans, River is a vegetarian who much prefers noshing on the wild berries they often find alongside trail. 

hikingotter Hidden Lake Lookout eating blueberries again.jpeg
River partaking of his favorite diet staple — wild blueberries. Photo by hikingotter. 

River has an absolute wealth of pro hiking tips tucked away in their fur that they’d just love to share with you. Check out hikingotter’s other trip reports, and if you see them on trail, make sure to give them a flipper high-five! 

hikingotter West Forks Foss.jpeg
River ready to get their swim on. Photo by hikingotter.

Would you like to see an otter out on trail? Check out our list of hikes around the Sound where otters and other wildlife are abundant. 

hikingotter Enchantments enjoying the view.jpeg 
River enjoys a much-deserved rest with a stellar tent view for company. Photo by hikingotter.


Have you spotted an otter while out hiking recently? File a trip report, and if you can, include pics!

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River taking a photo of the view.
We hope River is taking a photo for WTA's Northwest Exposure photo contest! Photo by hikingotter.


Emily Y on One Trip Reporter You Otter Get to Know

This is the best thing I've seen on the internet... Maybe ever!

Posted by:

Emily Y on Sep 13, 2019 07:51 PM

hikingotter on One Trip Reporter You Otter Get to Know

Thank you so much for the nice profile! I’m blushing. 😊 Please do flipper high-five me when you see me on the trail!

Posted by:

hikingotter on Sep 17, 2019 07:11 PM

Nana65 on One Trip Reporter You Otter Get to Know

River, you are delightful. I love your Trail Reports; keep them coming please! Love your swim goggles! MMS

Posted by:

Nana65 on Sep 18, 2019 07:59 PM