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New Wildfire Closes Trails, Highway 2

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Jul 17, 2014 10:55 AM |
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The Chiwaukum Creek fire near Lake Wenatchee and Coles Corner has closed a section of Highway 2, as well as the Tumwater Campground and trails in the area.

ROADS UPDATE 7.18.14, 8:00am

Highway 2 is now open between Stevens Pass and Coles Corner, allowing access to Lake Wenatchee and points west of the closure. The stretch of road through Tumwater Canyon to Leavenworth is still closed. Travelers can still access Leavenworth via Blewett Pass and Highway 97.

Puget Sound area travelers should note multiple closures on I-90. Westbound traffic through Bellevue will be restricted to one lane from 9:30 Friday evening for approximately a week. There is also still weekday construction on the east side of Snoqualmie Pass.

The Carlton Complex of fires pose a series of complications from Mazama to Twisp. The fire jumped Highway 20 near Twisp on Thursday, cutting power off to Winthrop, in addition to these communities. Highway 20 is now closed between milepost 206 and milepost 215. Hwy 153 is closed at milespost 6-21. Due to the changing fire situation, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has closed the Middle Fork Ridge #418, Foggy Dew #417, Martin Creek #429, Eagle Lake #431 and Crater Creek #416 trails.

Original Article

Hot weather, thunderstorms and wind have ignited and flamed fires on the east slope of the Cascades this week. In addition to the Mill Creek fire that has closed all access to the Entiat area, a new fire near Lake Wenatchee is prompting closures, evacuations and serious concern.

Chiwaukum Creek Fire closes roads, trails and forces evacuations

The Chiwaukum Creek fire started Tuesday and has grown quickly to more than 6,630 acres. On Wednesday, transportation officials closed Highway 2 from milepost 64 at Stevens Pass all the way to milepost 99 at Leavenworth. SR 207 and the Chumstick highway are closed to all but local traffic.

The fire is burning close to the highway near Coles Corner and threatens 860 homes in the area. At this writing, it is zero percent contained and the weather on Thursday is expected to favor fire growth.

Consider alternative hiking and camping plans

As this is a dynamic situation, hikers with weekend plans in the area should make alternative arrangements. Tumwater Campground is under evacuation orders. And on Wednesday, Wenatchee River Ranger District trail crews swept the Chiwaukum Creek Trail (#1571) and Trail #1584 to Lake Ethel, Lake Julius, Loch Eileen and Lake Donald for hikers. These should be considered closed until further notice.

Map showing the extent of the fire as of the morning of Thursday, July 17, 2014. Source: InciWeb.It is unclear at this time whether people will be able to travel to Lake Wenatchee from the west side of the pass this weekend.

Those who are planning to hike in the Enchantments and Icicle Creek area may encounter smoke but no closures. Unless the closure of Highway 2 is lifted, travelers should use Highway 97 over Blewett Pass to reach Leavenworth.

Other fires impacting hikers

The largest wildfire in the state, the Mills Canyon and Kelly Mountain fires, are getting contained, but trails (or roads to trails) are still closed in the Entiat Mountains, including Keystone Ridge, Lower Mad River Valley and Silver Falls and Larch Lakes.

If you are planning a trip to the Entiat, monitor the situation closely and check conditions before you leave. Also note that Highway 97A between Entiat River Road and Wenatchee remains closed.

The Carlton Complex consists of four fires in the Methow Valley which started Monday from lightning strikes. This fire is also growing quickly and is worth noting if traveling to the area.

The Lone Mountain Fire is burning in the North Cascades National Park approximately five miles northwest of Stehekin, Washington in the Boulder Creek drainage. For safety, park officials have closed the Boulder Creek Trail from Hooter Camp to War Creek Pass.

Tip: If you ever have a question about hiking in a region with an active wildfire, contact or visit a ranger station.

WTA Recommends: No backcountry campfires

The hot, dry weather is also prompting campfire restrictions in many areas around the state. These restrictions are being expanded daily. To be perfectly safe:

  • Backpacking: WTA recommends that all backpackers refrain from making campfires until fire season has passed.
  • Car Camping: please check with a campground host before lighting a campfire, as some counties and forests are expanding their bans to campgrounds as well.


Hikers already in backcountry and coming out near Cole's Corner

My son and friends went into the Spider Meadows area Tuesday and will come out on Saturday. The fire folks, as of today, say that they will be allowed to return to Seattle via Route 2 unless conditions change. So, if you have family or friends who are in there and coming out in the next couple of days, they should have no trouble returning via Steven's Pass.

Posted by:

annapurna on Jul 17, 2014 03:06 PM

Enchantments Still OK?

Have friends from the west side and east side converging for an enchantments hike from mon-fri. Has anyone been up there lately?

Posted by:

--X-- on Jul 19, 2014 08:59 AM

Lookout Mountain Fire Lookout

Wondering if these wildfires on the Eastside have affected the Lookout Mountain hike to the fire lookout up there? Hope the fires haven't and won't make it that far..

Posted by:

Lacey79 on Jul 19, 2014 11:41 AM


Coreyg, the fire is not too near the Enchantments right now (as of 7/20). Check out this website which uses fire perimeter data and satellite date to show active heat spots.

You'll see that the fire is currently north of Icicle ridge and Leavenworth by about 5 miles and the Enchantments are probably a few miles south of that. However, the fire is moving south and it's possible that they might close Icicle road if the fire makes it down to that ridge, which is your access in and out. Also consider your likely lack of cell phone signal and inability to get updates during the week.

So while you'll *probably* be fine, especially as the weather is supposed to improve, you might want to reconsider the trip just in case. Your call of course but if it were me I wouldn't go.

Posted by:

backpacker on Jul 20, 2014 09:49 AM

THANK YOU About Enchantment Update!

THANKS, Carlisle! Yeah, it looks like the fire is about 6-8 miles north of the road in Icicle Creek. We're definitely going to regroup on this, and also call the Ranger Station tomorrow and also come up with a Plan B.

Posted by:

--X-- on Jul 21, 2014 03:07 AM

Another online fire perimeter map - includes USGS topo maps

The link below starts Gmap4 (I am the developer) and shows an online map and will always display the most recent publically available data for the Methow area fires. This fire data comes straight from the GeoMAC server. GeoMAC is an interagency group whose main purpose is to prepare specialized maps for the fire teams. The GeoMAC data also feeds the InciWeb site.

To see the high resolution topographic map, change the basemap to "t4 Topo High" and zoom in. To see wind data from 3 hours ago, open the basemap menu, go down to the overlay section and turn on the wind layer. You can also view a layer showing the weather radar.

For some info about using the map and to see the map legends, click the “About” link in the upper left corner.,-120.000744&z=10&t=h,Fires

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
Redmond, WA

Posted by:

jelf on Jul 21, 2014 10:57 AM