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Southwest tools find new home

Posted by Ryan Ojerio at Feb 10, 2011 10:30 AM |
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The southwest tool locker is moving to a bigger, better location to accommodate all the additional gear that has been added as the program has grown.

The tools are moving! WTA's Southwest Trails Maintenance program has outgrown its tool locker and is moving to a much larger unit. The new space will have a work bench for volunteers to sharpen and repair tools, plus enough room for all hard hats, buckets, pulaskis, shovels, McLoeds, cross-cuts, green grubbers and other equipment we need to outfit our work parties.

Volunteers are making the move this weekend, but you can still help with a donation of an item from our wish list. If you have an item to donate, please contact our SW Washington Regional Coordinator, Ryan Ojerio, at

  • Florescent shop light
  • Extension cord
  • Screw driver, hammer, pliers
  • Tool box
  • Garbage can with lid
  • Heavy duty storage shelving

In 2010, WTA volunteers working in SW Washington completed over 12,000 hours, up from 5,863 hours in 2006. Thanks to a generous grant from the South Gifford Pinchot Resource Advisory Committee we've been able to outfit more crews, reach out to more volunteers, and restore and replace tools damaged during the field season.

If you'd like to come out to help us break yet another record for work accomplished, stay tuned to our work party schedule for upcoming Southwest events in places like Beacon Rock State Park. Did I mention the bigger locker means we can keep more chocolate on hand?