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More on Getting to Hikes By Bus

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Oct 08, 2008 12:20 PM |

I spent much of this past summer on a quest to get to trailheads using buses and my trusty mountain bike. You can read my article on getting to trailheads on the bus  in the October 2008 issue of Washington Trails magazine.

Unfortunately, there's some sad news for hikers interested in getting to trailheads without a car. The I-90 shuttle that provides service for hikers and bikers between the Cedar Falls trailhead near North Bend and Hyak near Snoqualmie Pass has ceased service due to inadequate permits. This is a shame, because the shuttle was a great way to bike the Iron Horse Trail and gain access to trailheads by bike, including the Pacific Crest Trail. Hopefully it will get up and running next season.

Those who want to get to trailheads by bike and bus still have a lot of options.  We've  created several resources on WTA's website, including WTA member Dick Burkhart's descriptions of classic Bike-Bus-Hikes plus Julie Van Pelt's list of pros and cons of riding the bus to a trail.

One of the best resources for getting to hikes by bus is the excellent Metro Bus Hikes website, which describes more than 50 hikes you can get to by public transportation.
It's a great way to do something for the earth and turn your journey to the trailhead into an adventure!