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Milestone: 100,000 Trip Reports

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Jun 09, 2017 11:56 AM |

This week, WTA trip reporters made history. Check out our video that pays tribute to the more than 100,000 trip reports that have been submitted since 1966.

100,000 might only be a number, but it's an impressive one. This week, WTA trip reporters hit a major milestone by submitting over 100,000 trip reports online since WTA's founding in 1966. What's equally impressive is that more than 20,000 unique trip reporters contributed to that tally. 

We've seen some incredible trip reports over the years, from mountaintop weddings to first hikes and everything you can think of in-between. To celebrate you, the incredible trip reporters who made this milestone possible, we've put together a video featuring 100 trip reports in 90 seconds. 

Trip reports are not only a way to show off your stunning photos, but they help other hikers decide where they want to hike and what to bring with them. They inform others on road conditions, trail conditions and anything else of note. After your next hike consider writing one yourself, and we'll check off another 100,000 in no time!


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