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Lost Trails Found: Summer Progress Report

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Sep 19, 2018 01:16 PM |

2018 was an incredible summer for our Lost Trails Found campaign! Take a peek at some of the work we accomplished throughout the season.

Our volunteer crews have been hard at work this summer helping to reclaim our three signature lost trails and protect dozens more backcountry trails across the state as a part of our Lost Trails Found campaign. Here are a few highlights from our 2018 season to give you a taste of everything we’ve accomplished. See the full scope of our Lost Trails Found campaign and learn more about the work we’re doing to save trails at



Andrews Creek

Lost Trails Update. Andrews Creek by Rachel Wendling.jpg

Collective efforts between WTA, the U.S. Forest Service, Back Country Horsemen of Washington and Pacific Northwest Trail Association led to improvements on the Andrews Creek Trail, including cleared logs and new bridges. This work provides stock animals a smoother pathway into the Pasayten Wilderness and improved safety across creek crossings and around washouts. Photo by Rachel Wendling. 


Sullivan Lakeshore

Lost Trails Update. Sullivan Lake YVV by Kate Lemly.JPG

A group of eight youth spent a week working through 90-degree heat along the Sullivan Lakeshore and revamping over two thousand feet of tread so that hikers can easily access the only wilderness area in the Colville and maintain access to dozens of summer recreation opportunities. Photo by Kate Lemly.


Ingalls Creek

Lost Trails Update. Ingalls Creek by Beth Macinko.JPG

The backcountry crew at Ingalls Creek cleared more than 70 downed logs and aided in some much needed tread work and brush removal along the first 9 miles of trail. These improvements will help keep this popular trail open and accessible for hikers entering the Stuart Range. Photo by Beth Macinko.