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Be a Part of Something Big: National Public Lands Day

Posted by Anna Roth at Sep 16, 2014 04:25 PM |
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WTA volunteers give back to trails all year round, but National Public Lands Day is a national opportunity to come together with volunteers all across America and give back to trails! Join WTA on trail September 27, and help keep Washington's trails hikable and safe.

From Mount Rainier's Skyline Trail to the deep wilderness of Olympic Peninsula to the loftiest spots in Mount Spokane State Park, WTA volunteers and our many partners hold work parties to help trails on Washington's local, state and federal public lands all year round.

But once a year, we (work) party with the entire nation.

Saturday, Sept. 27, marks National Public Lands Day, when volunteer groups across the country work together in a nationwide effort to keep the lands that we love looking beautiful.

National Public Lands Day is the largest single-day volunteer effort in the nation. Last year, more than 175,000 volunteers worked at 2,237 sites in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico to preserve and protect America's natural heritage.

Celebrating public lands in a day of service, learning and stewardship

From birdwatching to family picnics to backpacking, Washington's public lands are for everyone. But our trails don't take care of themselves. Our public lands are seeing heavier use than ever before even as funding for the agencies tasked with stewarding these lands has diminished. That's where you come in.

Volunteers are vitally important to the well-being of these special places. Heavily-used trails around large population centers like Vancouver, Spokane, Bellingham and Seattle, especially need annual maintenance to stay safe and accessible for the next wave of outdoor enthusiasts eager to discover them.

Besides providing a super-boost of help to our trails, National Public Lands Day builds partnerships between groups like WTA, generous volunteers and the agencies that manage your favorite trails.Together we'll strengthen one of Washington's greatest treasures: our rich outdoor recreation opportunities.

Sign up to be a part of a big day on trail (no experience necessary!)

As a volunteer you will learn first-hand what goes into to keeping your favorite trail open and hikable. You might prune back encroaching brush to clear a section of trail or improve drainage so winter rains don't wash away a trail.

Come work and play with WTA on National Public Lands Day on Sept. 27, where you'll be contributing to maintaining a pathway through a beautiful part of Washington so that future hikers can appreciate these irreplaceable landscapes and the resources they provide.

Join us at any of the locations below, and help keep Washington's trails beautiful for future generations.

Central Cascades

  • PCT - South from Hwy 2
  • Evans Creek Preserve
  • Youth and Families at Taylor Mountain - Full!
  • WTA's Fireside Circle: Franklin Falls Trail - Full!

>> Sign up now to care for trails in the Puget Sound area

North Cascades

  • Trails at Heather Meadows

>> Sign up now to care for a trail in the North Cascades area

South Cascades

  • Skyline Trail - Paradise
  • Volcano Viewpoint Trail (where we'll celebrate the trail grand opening with a ribbon-cutting at 3 p.m.)

>> Sign up now to care for a trail in the South Cascades area


  • Mount Townsend Trail

>> Sign up now to care for a trail on the Olympic Peninsula