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Landslide Closes Icicle Creek Road

Posted by Lauren Braden at Apr 03, 2011 04:20 PM |
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A new landslide has hit the Icicle Creek Road outside of Leavenworth, and this one is before the turn-off to Eightmile Road, which leads to the trailhead for Colchuck Lake, Lake Stuart and one of two main routes into the Enchantment Lakes.

Icicle Road ClosureAs if the extremely popular Icicle Creek Road southwest out of Leavenworth had not already suffered enough damage, a fresh landslide hit the beleaguered road this week, restricting access even closer in.

This recent landslide swept trees, boulders and mud down a slope onto the road, making the section impassable. Forest Service managers discovered the landslide on Thursday, and it is located just east of the Eight Mile Campground. That means it is before the turnoff to Eightmile Road, which leads to the trailhead for Colchuck Lake, Lake Stuart, and one of the two main routes (via Aasgard Pass) into the Enchantment Lakes. Also, some permanent residents live west of the new landslide.

The Forest Service says its hydrologists and engineers are assessing the road damag, and are currently uncertain when the road will be reopened. 

The upper portion of the Icicle Creek Road has been closed for more than two years after massive flooding washed away a huge swath of the road in 2008. The Forest Service has relocated that portion of road and hopes to reopen it by this Fall 2011, possibly earlier.

Remember, as snow melts and hikers begin to access mid-elevation trailheads, you may come across road washouts, mudslides and major debris on roads, downed trees that restrict car access, etc. If you come across such conditions, please call the local ranger station to let them know of the damage, and write a Trip Report on Your fellow hikers will thank you.



Just got my enchantments permit. Hopefully this is cleared before September.

Posted by:

popzeus on Apr 03, 2011 09:02 PM

this article is incorrect

I was just there yesterday (6/22). The road is closed just west of Eight Mile Campground so there is no problem with access to Colchuck Lake, Lake Stuart, and the Enchantment Lakes.

Posted by:

jasonracey on Jun 23, 2011 04:50 PM