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Keep Your Gear Dry Too

Posted by Eli Boschetto at Apr 14, 2012 06:22 PM |

Washington Trails gear team review of dry bags, pack covers, and water-repellant accessories from Sea To Summit, Exped, SealLine and Nikwax.

In the last issue of Washington Trails, the gear team highlighted some of their favorite picks for personal rain gear—jackets, pants and accessories to help keep the cold and wet off of you. Well that was only half of the story. They also put to the test a variety of rain gear for your gear—dry bags, pack covers, accessory cases and proofing products to make sure the wet stayed off of what's in their packs as well.
Of all the brands they tested, the favorites were Sea To Summit and Exped, for their variety of dry bags, and pack covers and liners. These durable products made sure their gear stayed good and dry, away from the elements. For protecting their fragile electronics items—phones, tablets and pocket cameras—a selection of SealLine zip-close pouches kept their equipment safe and sound.
For items that weren't readily water-repellant, an assortment of Nikwax products came to the rescue—Map Proof, Glove Proof and Down Proof. These spray-on and wash-in products made maps more durable, and other gear items shed moisture more easily, keeping the team and their goods soggy-free.
For more details on their top picks for water-repellant gear accessories, click on over to the gear page. Then go out and pick up a few items yourself. After all, those April showers bringing May flowers can still dampen your trail outings if you're not well prepared.