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Jim Springberg: 1,000 Work Parties and Counting

Posted by Anna Roth at Jan 21, 2016 11:35 AM |
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WTA welcomes Jim Springberg to the Golden Rock Bar Club. These folks have given 1,000 days of volunteer work to trails.

Jim Springberg, Liz Ulloa and green hat on crosscut. Paul Bestock
Jim Springberg pauses for a grin during a crosscut saw demo. Photo by Paul Bestock.

Congratulations to WTA volunteer Jim Springberg on his recent accomplishment. This winter, Jim reached an incredible milestone of 1,000 work parties with WTA! He is only the second volunteer in WTA history to reach this landmark and be inducted into WTA’s Golden Rock Bar Club, joining Pete Dewell who was honored in 2011.

Jim began volunteering his time with WTA back in 2004 and has been an active participant and member ever since. As an assistant crew leader and avid cross cut sawyer, Jim can be found teaching his skills to volunteers and sharing his passion for trail work throughout the Puget Sound region year round.

Usually the first to arrive at the trailhead each morning, Jim comes ready and willing to have a good time and to help others do the same with each work party he attends. Jim is also an active participant on volunteer vacations and work parties with youth groups, helping to lead about 20 youth events each year. Some of his favorite places to give back to trails include Grand Ridge near Issaquah and Lake Chelan.

Thank you to Jim and all of the folks who volunteer with us. We truly couldn’t do it without you!

Crosscutting at Grand Ridge
Jim helps a young volunteer learn crosscutting at Grand Ridge. Photo by Jen Gradisher.


Springboard Jim

I had the pleasure of working with him on the Heather Lake trail last summer crosscutting a large log. It sounds like that trail will need his skills again this summer!

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Muledeer on Jan 21, 2016 03:23 PM