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It's summer! Time to pitch your tent!

Posted by Lace Thornberg at Jun 21, 2011 12:10 PM |

Find out how you can plan your backpacking trip at Mount Rainier National Park.

Summer is HERE.

I don't know about you, but being able to actually see The Mountain on the semi-regular basis always makes me antsy to hike and camp in Mount Rainier National Park.

If you haven't been backpacking yet this season, it's high time to start planning a trip. In our last issue of Washington Trails, our Mount Rainier feature by Eli Boschetto offered five amazing backpacking trips within Rainier's park boundaries. From Gobbler's Knob to the Wonderland, Eli provides the scenic details that make you want to hike these trails and the logistical tips that help you get out and go.

Of course, like many fun and good things in life, enjoying a backpacking trip in Mount Rainier National Park does take a little preparation. To help, we've posted some brand new backpacking information up on this site.

Click here to find a convenient quick-start guide, complete with tips, a checklist of essentials, links to get you to the web pages you really need, and the 411 on which maps and guidebooks are best suited to help you plan out your own personalized trip.

Happy first day of summer! See you in the backcountry!