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Into the Woods: Hike-a-Thon is On

Posted by Loren D at Aug 01, 2012 12:05 PM |
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Hikers hit the trail early on August 1 to get a head start on Hike-a-Thon. The month-long hiking event to benefit WTA and trails began August 1 and will run all month. Lace up your boots and join us.

Late last night, registered Hike-a-Thon hikers were already counting down the hours until their month of hiking began.

Janelle Jones Walker had her backpack packed and decorated with pinwheels. She planned to debut her month with a Mount Rainier hike. "Let the hiking begin!" she called out on the Hike-a-Thon Facebook group page.

Carinna Gicher (last year's winner of the 'Most Hikes to Lakes' category) and Sandi Rietman were also packed and ready to go last night. They were headed out early this morning for Bridal Veil Falls trail.

Andrea Marquis Roozekrans was camped out on the Wonderland Trail, waiting for today, when each of her miles in the coming days would began counting towards her goal.

And this morning, in the green-gray light of early dawn, WTA staffers—including Executive Director Karen Daubert—joined five other Hike-a-Thoners on the Grand Ridge Park trail in the Issaquah Alps to kick off a month of hike-like-crazy fun.

August: the month of Hike-a-Thon

Hike-a-Thon is a month-long hiking challenge and fundraiser for WTA. Here's how it works:

  1. Trail supporters register to participate or sign up to sponsor a hiker.
  2. Starting Aug. 1, hikers hit the trail all month, fulfilling personal hiking goals, making each of their miles count and working to win sweet prizes (boots! tents! backpacks!) from Hike-a-Thon sponsors. (The first prizes went to Gwen Tollefson and The Schlagers team. They each raised the most funds for trails before the official Aug. 1 kickoff. Way to go, Gwen and The Schlagers!)
  3. At the end of the month, the funds raised will help WTA advocate for and maintain hiking trails in Washington all year long.

The Grand Ridge Park boardwalk on a HaT 2012 hike. Photo by Loren Drummond

Spread the word, join the fun, and save your favorite trails

It's still not too late to register. Join the fun now, or sponsor a hiker or hiking team.

Hike-a-thon for fitness or to cram in all your summer wildflower or waterfall hikes before summer is gone. Fundraise for trails while you improve them on a volunteer trail party. Hike to get your kids or grand-kids outside.

Whatever your reason to participate or sponsor a hiker, you'll be ensuring that your favorite hiking trails will be there when you need them.