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Hut in Mount Tahoma System Burns Down

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Apr 09, 2008 11:10 AM |
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According to Judy Scavone of the Mount Tahoma Trails Association, one of the cabins in MTTA's fantastic series of huts near Mount Rainier has burned down. Details are sketchy at this point, and the MTTA board is meeting this weekend to put together a public statement and begin the fundraising work needed to rebuild.

My understanding is that the hut system is temporarily closed as a safety precaution. No word on how the fire started, and apparently no one was injured.


Copper Creek Hut

"The MTTA leadership is deeply saddened, and discouraged," Scavone said in an e-mail.
The Mount Tahoma Hut and Trail system features a 50-mile series of trails linking three huts and a yurt just north of Ashford, and is run by the nonprofit MTTA. Read more about the trails and hut system here.

Photo  by "Wild Celtic Rose."