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Making Memorial Day Memories from Your Home Basecamp

Posted by Rachel Wendling at May 22, 2020 10:03 AM |
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Five creative ways to get outside and make the most of the long weekend.

Believe it or not, Memorial Day weekend is here! For many of us, this weekend is when we blow the dust off our favorite tent, pack up the propane grill and head off for a weekend in the woods. But this year, things are looking a little different. While many trails have reopened for day-use, our go-to campsites remain off the table.

Although this may have thrown a wrench in our plans, there are still plenty of ways we can get outside and make the most of the long weekend from our home basecamp. Here are a few ideas we thought of: 


immerse yourself

Did you know you can visit Middle Earth, Westeros and the many planets of Star Wars within the confines of Washington State? Yep. Our public lands have it all.

When you seek out trails to hike this weekend, look for ones that resemble the scenery of your favorite movie or television series. When you get back home, finish off your day by watching the movie or show that you chose. While you watch, you can also keep an eye out for hiking tips hidden throughout (here are some we learned from Star Wars and Dora the Explorer).

A side by side of Kamiak Butte (Washington) and King's Landing (Westeros). Photo by Joanie Christian.


Hike it, read it

Nature has been the inspiration behind countless books and stories. Whether you prefer novels, poetry or nonfiction, you can find an inspiring read that immerses you in the feelings of wilderness. And, to make those inspiring reads even better, you can pair them with a coordinating local hike.

We have plenty of great book recommendations for reading with your kids and sharing with your digital book club.

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Reading about nature, in nature. Photo by Rachel Wendling.


Set up basecamp

Just because you can't camp at an established campsite doesn't mean you can't camp at all. Before you set out on your day hike, set up basecamp in your backyard or living room (apartment dwellers, we got you).

When you make it back from your adventure, turn up the grill (or portable camp stove) and start cooking up your favorite camp meal. Turn on some tunes while you're at it  no one is listening! Play a few round of cards or cribbage until the sun starts to set, and then crawl into your sleeping bag to catch some z's. The next day, you can wake up and repeat the process all over again.

A cozy camp set up. Photo by shon't savage.


Make it luxe

Kick the soggy sandwich and expired Cliff bars to the curb. It's time to get gourmet. While backpacking, we usually try to keep our food fairly lightweight, but on a day hike  why not indulge a little?

The night before your hike, whip up some of your favorite transportation-friendly snacks and make sure to store them in a hard-sided container to prevent anything from getting squashed in your backpack. Once you make it to the summit or endpoint of your hike, find a comfy seat and unveil your delicious and envy-inducing spread. Some ideas to get you started: charcuterie board, caprese skewers, fruit pizza, boozy (or virgin) brunch cocktails.

Swanky trail skewers. Photo by Angelita Sanchez-Monge.


Make the adventure last

If you're anything like us, you often snap plenty of photos during your hike... and then let them disappear into a deep archive of phone photos. Instead of letting them slip out of mind, pull up your photos as soon as soon as you get back from a hike. Grab your watercolors, colored pencils, or whatever art supplies you have laying around the house and let them inspire you.

Not a fan of the fine arts? Print out your photos and design a collage or scrapbook page with your memories. You could even include a little written description of your trip. (And, of course, you can always write a trip report.)

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Scrapbooks are a great way to make memories last. Photo by Rachel Wendling.