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Holiday Fun: Easygoing Adventures for Everyone

Posted by Loren D at Dec 15, 2015 06:20 PM |
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Take your visiting relatives on a hike, your kids on a beginning snowshoe or plan a trip to the coast to watch the big surf.

First Day Hike on Mount Spokane
First Day Hike on Mount Spokane. Photo by Holly Weiler
Some hikes are for challenging yourself or pushing your limits. But when you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends over the holiday season, it's best to pick an outdoor adventure that's within reach for everyone. A thermos full of hot cocoa doesn't hurt either.

Take your visiting relatives on a hike, your kids on a beginning snowshoe or simply plan a trip to Washington's coast to watch the big surf. The cold, crisp air and daylight will do you wonders as you await the arrival and longer days of spring.

What are you looking for?

Below are a few links to help you find the right outdoor adventure for everyone in your crew.

Flat and long. If someone in your group isn't into hills, try hiking a rail trail. They are flat and usually wide enough to walk side-by-side. Many can even handle a stroller. Hike a rail trail

All-day destinations. From bird watching in the Skagit Valley to exploring an island, sometimes you need to keep everyone entertained all day long. Holiday excursions

Roll along. If you'd like to get outside, but you've got a stroller or wheelchair to consider, check out one of these trails.

Dune (and yurt!) adventures. Did you know Washington sports some serious sand? Get to know an entirely different side of your great state with one of these great dune hikes and nearby camping.

Go play in the snow. A snowshoe hike doesn't have to be more than a mile to satisfy the feeling of walking in winter wonderland. Pack plenty of hot drinks, refresh your snow and winter safety tips, and find a place to play in the snow that matches the abilities of your group.

Take a First Day Hike. Taking a hike on January 1. With Washington State Parks waiving fees on New Year's day, it makes for a frugal way to start your year off outdoors! Find a state park to hike

Over the river and through the woods. Take a ramble along one of Washington's magnificent rivers, swollen with winter rains (as long as it's not in danger of flooding). Winter river rambles

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