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Hiker Headlines: Meteor Showers, Parks Funding, North Cascades Grizzlies

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The Perseids return this weekend. King County voters approved their parks funding. Got opinions on grizzlies? North Cascades wants to hear. And there's a new wilderness designation in Colville.

It’s Friday, Aug. 9. The Perseids return this weekend (yay), but the Westside Road at Rainier is closed due to debris flows (boo). King County voters approved funding for parks. Got opinions on grizzlies? North Cascades wants to hear. And there's a new wilderness designation in the Colville. 

Here’s some hiker news you might have missed while out on trail this week:

This is the weekend to view the annual Perseids meteor shower. Photo by Ross Eckert. 

Perseids preview: Get outside this weekend to watch the annual Perseids meteor shower, which will be viewable starting today. While August 11 - 13 will be peak mornings for viewing the trail of comet debris, the showers actually last up to 10 days. Need some inspiration on where to go for the best view? Check out our starparty guide.

Debris flows: The Westside Road at Mount Rainier National Park (an access point to some trails on the west side of Mount Rainier) closed on August 8 due to a debris flow. Park officials have closed the road to all traffic (including hiking and biking) until further notice due to potential for further activity in the near future. 

Parks prevail: Early tallies suggest that King County voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 1., which will provide an estimated $810 million of funding for parks and other open public spaces. Thank you to the outdoor community for speaking up for our trails! Sign up for WTA’s Trail Action Newtwork to stay informed about issues that affect trails.

Grizzlies return: North Cascades National Park is considering reintroducing grizzly bears to the area and are accepting comments from the public until Oct. 24. WTA is tracking the restoration plan and monitoring how proposals may potentially affect trail access. In the meantime, stay safe while hiking in bear country.

Keeping it wild: A new 60,000-acre swath of land in the 1.1-million acre Colville National Forest will be designated and managed as protected wilderness beginning as early as September. WTA provided comments early on in the deliberation process approving expanded wilderness areas. See what else we’re taking action on, and pledge to pick up trash, hike a new trail or post a trip report after your next outdoor adventure!

Making safety cool: Everyone's favorite forest protector, Smokey Bear, is celebrating his 75th birthday today. Join in on the fun by stopping by one of his many parties (or, stay in the comfy embrace of your couch and reminisce on these favorite Smokey Bear videos instead). 


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